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The US Penal System: Crime, Punishment, Rehabilitation

Locate an article that discusses the current state of the penal system in the US. From the article answer the following questions;

Do we punish inmates or are they rehabilitated?

Should inmates be rewarded with free education?

What is your opinion of the death penalty? What purpose is it said to serve? Do you think it serves its intended purpose?

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Dear Student,

For this particular posting, I have chosen to review this web-article by Ruthland-Herald, "Correction Systems out of ...

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The solution looks at the web-article by Ruthland-Herald, "Correction Systems out of Control" which is a a critique on the manner by which the U.S. Penal system is run and managed. The solution is written in the APA-format and explores the discussion of punishment or rehabilitation with regards to the US Penal System. Discussion include the free education inmates are provided with while being incarcerated, the issue of capital punishment and the purpose they both serve as deterrants and rehabilitating elements. The solution is attached as a word document.