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    State of Penal System in the US

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    Complete an Internet search and locate an article that discusses the current state of the
    penal system in the United States. From the information presented in the article you
    located, and your own prior knowledge, answer the following questions:

    Do we punish inmates or are the rehabilitated?
    Should inmates be "rewarded" with a free education?
    What is your opinion of the death penalty? What purpose is it said to serve? Do you
    think it serves its intended purpose?

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    Dear Student,
    The essay-guide I created below answers your questions from a socio-political point of view. Articles, unlike news reports are at times flavoured with the author's own perception & opinion of the issue, so be very careful when you analyse it. It is always good to reference it with similar articles or articles that are related to it, as I have done. I have listed them on the Reference section, you can visit them for validation as they are on the web too. Attached is the word version. When you post your answer on your discussion forum make sure to re-interpret them into your own version to make it easily defendable (your position) when you are engaged in debate. Good Luck!

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    Discussion: State of U.S. Prisons

    For this particular assignment, I have chosen to review this web-article by Ruthland-Herald, "Correction Systems out of Control", a critique on the manner by which the U.S. Penal system is run and manages. Here is the web link:


    Written by William Kevan, it is a concise yet apt observation of the prison systems: the Budget, the management, the welfare of inmates, the number currently incarcerated by taking stock of a particular Prison that is familiar to the author. The U.S. Prison systems operate under Federal & State authority being that incarceration is a concurrent power under the American Constitution. Misdemeanour or less serious offenses are sentenced for correction/incarceration/rehabilitation in local jails or alternative sanctions like probation or community service. Serious Felony Offenses send the convicted to a sentence of imprisonment. There are various types of prisons levelled according to security and the gravity of ...

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    The solution centers on a particular article presenting a picture of the current state of American prison. Each issue tackled in the article is further expanded & discussed using various web sources for easy access to original articles & passages. Issues discussed include reward & punishment and the death penalty.