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Ethical Issue Problem Simulation

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I need Help in analysing the simulated ethics problem below:

Lynn is the assistant to the manager of a mentoring program for women re-entering the work force. A client asks her to attend her graduation from the training program to which the mentoring program had referred her. The client adds that the party to celebrate the graduation will be at a local bar immediately following the graduation. She hopes that Lynn will attend both. Lynn is an alcoholic in recovery and knows that her client is, as well. What concerns do you have about this situation, what do you think she should do, and what standards of the code of ethics are at issue in this situation?

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Ethics & Mentoring

Any mentoring program especially mentoring program for ex or recovering alcoholics as well as those re-entering positive citizenship via the workforce for whatever reason (women who are newly released from the penal system after serving time, for instance) have ethical standards set in place. They are mostly normative-applied ethical systems, contractarianism by nature with a dash of quasi-morality influenced by perceived virtues & morals accepted by the greater society. McDonald & Hite in a recently published journal entry on Sage's Advances in Developing Human Resources warn that it is easy for mentoring relationships to become dysfunctional of ethical concerns are not taken into consideration, or worse broken or set aside.

"Although the benefits of mentoring ...

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The solution provides assistance to the student by providing a narrative that analyzes the simulated ethical problem (see original problem) wherein questions about concerns regarding actions tobe taken based on experience and the ethical code in the Human services Industry are addressed. The solution is in APA format and attached as a word file for easy printing.

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