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? Complete the Team Simulation on your student Web site: http://corptrain.phoenix.edu/uop/PSY430/team_simulation.html
? Answer each prompt thoroughly, using resources where appropriate. Copy and paste your responses at the end of the simulation into a Microsoft® Word document.
? Format your responses according to APA standards.

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2074 words with references.

//In this paper, we will discuss a simulation and the resulting implications of some decisions within the simulation. Simulation involved creating a similar situation at the workplace and taking the relevant decision. The simulation is about selecting and effectively managing a team for the FBI to prevent the drug trafficking.//


The simulation aims at creating the best task force under the FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation. This task force will be responsible for discovering and stopping the drug trafficking organizations in South Arizona and accountable for the drug flow over the border of United States and Mexico. An efficient team has to be made by selecting the best people for the required roles and responsibilities for different positions.

//Next, we start with the main problems in the simulation and then consider the various alternatives for resolving the issues. The results of our choice of alternatives and the reasons for selecting them have also been written below. First, the selection of the members of the task force has been done. //

Results and Reasons

The team has been selected as:

Lead Agent - Sam Somerfield

Sam has been selected as the lead agent because he has an experience of successful leadership and handling a team effectively. He can gel well along with people, has strong work ethics and is focused towards the national drug regulation.

Assistant Lead Agent - Ricardo Gonzales

He has an experience of 16 years working with the FBI as a special agent. He is a good team player and can work efficiently in a team and can co-ordinate well with the team members. He is always willing to follow directions and has strong work ethics.

Intelligence Agent - Emily Marum

She has been for more than a year as the Intelligence Research Specialist. She is outgoing, energetic and hardworking. She is fluent at Spanish and has the experience of working with other agencies too.

Field Specialist - Antonio Johnson

He is bilingual and good at networking and possesses the relevant experience and skills required for the position of a field specialist. He is extrovert and passionate and has the knowledge of drug dealing and also has led a task force.

//After selecting the team members, the issues arising within the team and their resolution are discussed. The negotiation technique employed has also been explained along with justification of its use. //

In spite of the accomplishments and the drug seizures done by the team, their morale has to be improved and effective leadership needs to be employed. The relation between Sam and Antonio has been creating some tension and it should be resolved to improve the working environment and team efficiency. According to Sam, Antonio is not working to the best of his ability and he lacks commitment towards his work (University of Phoenix). He needs to put in more efforts and increase his efficiency and productivity. I feel there is a need to counsel Antonio first and I would thus, choose to address him because, there are serious concerns regarding his performance. I will use the method of effective negotiation under which, the problem is analyzed.

This negotiation style seeks to evaluate the situation and tries to give a fair and impartial judgment. The negotiator understands the problem and his goal is to resolve the issue neutrally, ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 2074 words with references.

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