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Supply and Demand Simulation

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The simulation is about applying supply and Demand Concepts and it is about what is best for Rental properties.

1. What causes the changes in supply and demand in the simulation?

2. How do shifts in supply and demand affect your decision making?

3. List four key points that were emphasized in the simulation?

4. How can you apply what you learned about the concepts of supply and demand from the simulation to your workplace?

5. Determine how price elasticity of demand affects the decision making of the consumer and of the organization.

6. Summarize your results on the Supply and Demand simulation that's attached.

Put it on a word document, cite references, detailed answers please! You can you the attached document to address the questions. And any other sources to get a well defined answer.

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To conclude the simulation addresses demand and supply in the context of two-bedroom apartments market. The simulation explores ...

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