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    business simulation system dynamics

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    Go to the web page below:

    and find the Near Beer Game, which is near the bottom of the list of simulations.

    Try different strategies to bring your beer supply change into equilibrium as quickly as possible. Describe some of your strategies, your results, and what you learned from this simulation. (This simulation is an example of system dynamics.)

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    I've tested out the simulation. Here are my comments:
    <br>After going through the simulation the first time, I became acutely aware that the lesson to be learned from the game is the merit of strategic planning. You have to assess the supply chain at every week and anticipate/plan where there might be shortages or overages in inventory. I was able to achieve equilibrium at week 25, however, by week 50 I was out of equilibrium.
    <br>On my second try:
    <br>I was able to achieve equilibrium in week 13 by ordering 20 cases each week until week 13. Week 13 ...

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    This solution is comprised of a simulation designed to bring supply and demand into equilibrium.