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    Simulation: Business Regulation of Alumina

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    A. Identify the key facts, regulations, and legal issues in the simulation. The paper should have a section for each of these elements:
    Facts (discuss the history of Alumina and what has happened to get it to the point where we are now.
    Regulations (discuss the Clean Water Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the Freedom of Information Act).
    Legal issues (discuss the legal claim being brought by Kelly Bates.

    Each of these sections is to have its own heading.

    b. Based on the simulation, identify several of Alumina's values and stakeholders. This should be another section of the paper with the heading "Values and Stakeholders." Be sure to discuss both internal and external stakeholders.
    c. What are the conflicts among the competing stakeholders? How does this constitute an ethical dilemma?
    identify the risks associated with each potential course of action Alumina might take in response to the legal issues it faces. Do so in a fully-developed, grammatically correct narrative discussion.
    f. recommend a solution for Alumina and evaluate it in the context of Alumina's legal position. Justify your recommended solution. How well does your recommended solution address the ethical dilemma identified in item b? How well does it align with Alumina's values?

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    //Before writing about the analysis of Alumina values and stakeholders, it is essential to gain knowledge about the History of Alumina. To analyze the facts, one should know about the history of Alumina, which further will assist in understanding the operations and functions of Alumina//

    History of Alumina

    The given simulation is about the company, Alumina Incorporation based in the US. The company deals in the business of manufacturing and packaging the automotive components. The company operates its business in more than 80 countries. The company has its highest sales from the US markets. It is situated on the fringes of Lake Dira in the state of Erehwon.

    In the given simulation, the company is facing the problem of harming the environment. The company had to face this problem because it violated certain environmental discharge norms. This was shown by the results of inspection performed by EPA (Environmental protection Agency). The company was ordered by EPA to clean up its water plants. It was claimed by a lady, Kelly Bates that her ten year old daughter suffered from leukemia due to the release of polluted water by the company. According to her statements, the company had been violating the environmental norms for a period of ten years. As a result, the company is in a difficult position (University of Phoenix).

    //Above is the discussion of facts and history of Alumina. Moving to the next direction, explanation of regulations of Alumina is to be thrown light upon by discussing various acts//

    Clean Water Act

    The clean water act is based on the standards set by the environmental protection agency. The act is also known as Federal Water Pollution Control Act (FWPCA). The main objective of this act is to prevent water pollution and preserve the quality of water in the United States. It contains all the activities related with the protection of water (Federal Water Pollution Control Act (Clean Water Act), 1996).

    Safe Drinking Water Act

    The Safe Drinking Water Act is one of the most important federal laws of the United States. The act helps the EPA to check the impurities present in water. This act ensures the general public that they will be provided with safe drinking water. This act is applicable to all the public water systems of the United States. It is not applicable for those companies, which provide packaged water in the market. Thus, the act is beneficial for the general public of the US (Calabrese, Gilbert, & Pastides, 1989).

    Freedom of Information Act

    The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) provides a complete legal information record of the US government to the public. The US government bears the entire burden of the disclosure of the legal information and it is not up to the local public of the country (The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 2008).

    //Above is the discussion of regulation of Alumina. As per the directions, now I will move towards the explanation of Legal Issues faced by the company// ...

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