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    Materials Properties: low-carbon steel, alumina, GFRP

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    Consider the following three engineering materials: (i) low-carbon steel; (ii) alumina; (iii) glass-fiber reinforced polymer.
    (a) Which material would be most suitable for a pressure vessel?
    (b) Which material would be most suitable for airplain wings?
    (c) Which material would be most suitable for dental restorations?

    In your answers to the questions above, present an engineering rational to justify your choice. Also, explain why each of the disqualified materials would not be suitable for the specific application.

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    Pressure Vessel: The basic characteristic of a pressure vessel is to sustain the internal gauge pressure of the fluid (gaseous or liquid) media. For cylindrical or spherical shape pressure vessel, the hoop stress and longitudinal stress are important and for that the material should be a tough one with high tensile strength.

    Out of the 3 materials, low carbon steel meets the criteria, since it has high tensile strength and yield ...

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    In this solution we pair three materials used in engineering with their most appropriate uses. A list of criteria for the three uses are provided, as well as an explanation of how the given material meets that criteria.