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    Methods for the elastic and plastic evaluation of steel structures

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    Hi, I have to provide the different methods of elastic and plastic evaluation of steel structures.

    I must talk about the differences between the methods based on the cross section capacity including the cost effectiveness of the different methods.

    Any information and help provided would be much appreciated.

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    Hi Student,

    There are various methods for Elastic & Plastic evaluation of simple & complex steel structures.

    The most common tests are as following:
    1. Tensile Test: A specimen of steel material (which is used for construction of structures) will be taken for tensile test. The standard tensile test specimen in US is circular of d=1.25cm diameter and l =5 cm gage length, so that l / d = 4 or, l = 4.51 √ A, where A = π d² / 4. The length of the cylindrical portion of the specimen is always somewhat greater than l and is usually l+d. The ends of the specimen are generally having larger cross section in order to prevent the specimen from breaking in the grips of the tesing machine due to severe stress conditions due to local irregularities in stress distribution.

    Tensile stress machines are usually provided with computer plotting automatically stress strain diagram of subject specimen. If, for example, there are 4 samples of carbon steel with various % of carbon content, there would be 4 such series of stress-strain diagram for all 4 samples. This will clearly help one to Evaluate the steel type based on Yield Strength at Elastic Zone end and as well as to observe its ...

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    This solution highlights the differences between the different methods of elastic and plastic evaluation of steel structures.