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    Supply Chain of Three Products

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    Supply Chain of any 3 products

    Pick any 3 products
    •Analyze the design of the supply chain from a Lean perspective of each.
    •Describe the supply chain necessary to Source, Make, and Deliver each product.

    Using the APA format, cite the sources you use on a separate page.

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    The three products are:
    Plastic molded toys, metal furniture, and bathing soap.
    Lean principles are specifying what creates value, identifying all steps in the value stream ensuring that these actions create a value flow, make only that which is demanded by customer just in time, and removing each type of waste.
    Applying Lean Principles:
    The supply chain for molded toys begins with the purchase of plastic pellets, and master batch pellets from plastic makers. Quality raw materials create value for customers. These are shipped to molded plastic toys making factories. The molded toy making factories must coordinated to distributors so that the exact output can be shipped without delay. Finished toys are shipped to toys distributors. The toys distributors ship them to toy retailers. Waste should be eliminated by reducing rejected toys (1).
    The supply chain for metal furniture is that sheet metal is purchased from steel makers. Purchasing and using the exact thickness and quality of steel gives value to customers. Other raw materials such as rivets, screws, and paint are purchased from their respective makers(3). if these are purchased in the exact quantities required inventory carrying costs will be reduced. Metal furniture making units, make finished steel furniture. Furniture is shipped to furniture retailers who sell the products to consumers. Just in time can be achieved if furniture is made to orders received from retailers.
    The supply chain for soap making begins with the purchase of potassium hydrochloride from chemical makers and palm kernel oil from edible oil companies. From the customer's perspective high quality palm kernel oil creates value. Additives are bought from chemical makers. These chemicals are used to make soap for personal use in the soap factory. The finished soap is shipped to the warehouse of the retail chain with which the company has an agreement. Just in time can be achieved if the soap maker gets information about the sale of the soap on shelves and makes soap in such quantities that are required by the retail chain (2).
    Supply Chain required to: Molded plastic toys.
    Source: These are purchased low cost from China, these are shipped to the US, from which these are distributed to retail chains.
    Make: The plastic and master-batch pellets are purchased from plastic makers. These pellets are manufactured into finished plastic molded toys in factories. These are sold to distributors. The distributors ship the toys to retailers.
    Deliver: The delivery begins from the plastic toy making plant. These are shipped to distributors who break up the lots according to orders received from retailers and ship the orders to retailers.
    Steel Furniture:
    Source: These can be sourced direct from furniture makers in Italy or other parts of Europe. Some Canadian firms also export steel furniture.
    Make: The supply chain begins with the purchase of steel sheets and steel popes from steel companies. These are delivered to the manufacturer who also buys accessories and paint from the open market. After the finished steel furniture is made, it is shipped direct to retailers. The steel furniture is made to order.
    Deliver: The delivery begins when finished steel furniture is loaded onto trucks that deliver the furniture to retailers. In case of steel furniture, it is delivered and placed direct in the store of the retailer. In this manner the retailers handling cost is reduced.
    Source: Soap can be purchased at low cost from China, N. Korea, or Japan. The soap is shipped by the seller and lands on U.S. ports. These have to be road transported to the distribution center of retail stores.
    Make: The supply chain begins with the purchase of potassium hydroxide from a chemical company and palm kernel oil from a vegetable oil manufacturer. These raw materials are shipped to the soap making plant. The finished soap is shipped direct to the distribution center of the retailer.
    Deliver: The delivery begins in accordance with firm orders received from retail chains. The cases of soap are truck delivered to the distribution center of the retailer. The retailer then uses his own transport to ship the soap with other products to its retail stores.
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