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    Elastic Plastic Rotating Shaft

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    Shafts A and B in Fig. P11.20 are solid circular cylinders. Shaft A is linear elastic, perfectly plastic with G = 20 x 10^6 psi and k = 50,000 psi. Shaft B is also linear elastic, perfectly plastic with G = 25 x 10^6 and k = 40,000 psi.
    a. What is the very largest torque T that can be applied with elastic behavior everywhere? (Hint: cut combined shaft at C and consider separate shaft). What are the supporting torques?
    b. If one of the shafts has plastic deformation to some degree and the other shaft is just starting to deform plastically, what is the required torque? Determine the supporting torques for this case.
    c. If the torque in part (a) is increased by 30%, what are the supporting torques.

    See attachment for diagram.

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