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    History and Philosophy of Law

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    Public Administrations

    Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas: Conduct an Internet search for a public administration organization, and review its organizational chart. - What type of public organization is it? Explain in detail. - Is the organizational chart more horizontal, vertical, or is it both? Explain why an

    Implications of the Legacy of Black Slavery in Present Society

    The authors state that slavery has created great psychological and social problems for succeeding generations of black citizens. Do you agree with the authors' statement? How does the legacy of slavery continue to impact both blacks and whites? What are the implications for law enforcement?

    Supreme Court Cases

    Regarding these two famous Supreme Court cases, Plessy v. Ferguson, and Brown v. Board of Education. In one case, state law won (Louisiana), and in the other, state law lost (Kansas). For each case, answer the following questions: - Briefly describe the case. - How is the case relevant to us today?

    Emergencies in Small Communities

    On May 4, 2007, severe thunderstorms formed across the Midwest, resulting in the formation of 12 "supercells" that developed into devastating tornado activity throughout several states. At 9:25 p.m., the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for Kiowa County, Kansas. At approximately 9:45 p.m. an EF 5 tornado struck

    Erin Brockovich: Corporate Misconduct

    Movie analysis questions: Erin Brokovich 1. Did you come away from the movie convinced that the company had done wrong and that Masry and Erin had performed a beneficial service? If so, why did you reach those conclusions? 2. How might the basic story have been slanted more toward the company with equivalent dramatic effect

    Success of Prison Reform

    Examine whether it was successful and if the reform brought forth further changes. What influences does the system have on the correctional system today? What influences have changed? Why?

    Stakeholder Motivation Techniques

    This is based on your private business that you ran for 10 years. Stakeholder Motivational Techniques Identify at least 5 motivational techniques that might be useful for gaining acceptance by all constituents in this organization. Develop a campaign to implement these identified motivational techniques. Develop a mil

    Pretrial Proceedings, the Grand Jury, and Venue

    What are some examples of when venue, or jurisdiction, may become an issue in a criminal case? Do you feel that it is fair to remove a criminal case from a VENUE simply due to media coverage? Why, or why not?

    Restorative Justice and Restitution

    A member of a victims' rights group contacts your family to discuss the possibility of meeting with your family and the convicted murderer. The inmate wants to seek forgiveness before he is executed. The members of your family are outraged that this group dared to even contact your family. Members of your family express their co

    Organizational Leadership: Stakeholder Analysis and Management Strategy

    Hi Rashuad, This is based on your own personal business that you ran for 10 yrs. Stakeholder Analysis and Management Strategy Group your stakeholders based on their level of authority (power) and their level of concern (interest) regarding the outcome of your project in a Power/Interest Grid. Group your stakeholders

    Commissions Impact on Police Ethics

    This will be a short paper, five (5) pages, APA or MLA format (use the one you are most comfortable with, one inch margings, page numbers, proper citations, correct grammar, and correctly spelled words. The paper must have a cover page (which is not one of the five pages) with your name, the class name, title of your paper, and

    Language Barriers in Criminal Justice

    What challenges do criminal justice professionals confront when they attempt to communicate with people who speak another language? How do language barriers influence the overall effectiveness of communication among all parties involved? What methods would you suggest for effectively communicating with these groups?

    Justice System Procedures and Miranda laws

    Many people feel that once an individual is placed under arrest that law enforcement is required to advise that individual of their Miranda rights. Based on the U.S. Supreme Court guidelines, Miranda is only required when both custody and interrogation are present. Do you feel that an individual should be Mirandized at the point

    Mollen and Christopher Commission

    Please provide research on police ethics focusing on the Mollen Commission and Christopher Commission. Why are these commissions significant?

    Correctional psychology

    The inmate was sentenced to 2 years for aggravated assault on a minor, a 17-year-old friend of his son. During the interview, the inmate states that he took the blame for the assault to protect his son. Because his son and his friends were drinking, they really did not have any recollection of what happened. The state's attorney

    Virginia Law: Legal Problem

    1. What is the legal procedure "the law" that should be taken against males staff or against the corporation itself, in a situation they enter a woman apartment suddenly, without notification,or expected date or time, using their keys to access the apartment. While they can wait or come back later until the woman is ready to ope

    Organizational Leadership in Projects

    Select someone who led a project you were involved with you admire for their leadership abilities, specifically in the areas of project or program leadership. Correlate why they are a good leader with the identified core project leadership responsibilities, experience, characteristics, and skills. Did they have to address politi

    Organizational Leadership Abilities

    Describe a project that you were involved with, or are familiar with, that either succeeded or failed. Discuss how project leadership played a role in its success or failure. Discuss how the organizational structure played a role in its success or failure. Discuss how the organization's ability to support the project co

    Contract Law: Minors

    Jasmine, aged 17, is passionate about acting. She aspires to be a leading actress in local TV dramas in a few years' time. Jasmine decided to participate in a 10-month workshop for acting skills. This workshop was run by A-Acting, a company that was set up by Rainie, a former TV actress. She had to sign a contract and pa

    In about 4 months, you will be graduating from the police academy.

    Your friend, Jim, works at the same precinct to which you are applying. You know that upon your employment with the law enforcement agency, you may be required to take a polygraph test with questions about prior arrests, drug use, or theft? - any questions that could disqualify you as a police officer. Your friend tells you to l

    Minorities & Affirmative Action in the University of California

    The University of California was concerned about the fact that most of the students accepted to the medical school were Caucasians. They felt that whites had a historical advantage over minorities because of differences in educational opportunities, etc. In response, the Board of Regents put into place a policy that said 16 of t

    Waterways and International Terrorism

    Compare and contrast the process of securing the land borders and the coastal waterways from international terrorism. Are there any similar principles involved? What are the glaring differences? Which is more difficult to accomplish and why?

    Scientific Discoveries: Their Unexpected Side and the Opportunities They Bring

    One of the greatest scientific developments of the past 150 years is the discovery of antibiotics. For some basic background on antibiotics, listen to this very brief Centers for Disease Control (CDC) podcast about antibiotics: http://www2c.cdc.gov/podcasts/player.asp?f=10055 There is, however, a dirty little secret abou

    Drugs and the Border

    Describe the situation with the drugs crossing the border into the United States and is it possible to adequately address this issue and not affect the US / Mexican economic status?

    Problems with Patient Consent

    What are the issues involving problems with patient consent? I think problems arise if the patient is influenced and sometimes the patient may appear lucid and competent and therefore not always evaluated correctly. Any ideas on how to present this?