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    History and Philosophy of Law

    Criminal Procedure: Rights and Authority

    Law enforcement officers are tasked with the responsibility of keeping citizens in their community safe from criminal activity. This includes ensuring that the rights of individuals are not violated. ◦Briefly summarize the rules of procedure found in the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments. ◦Do you agree that for polic

    Criminal Procedure: Chain of Custody

    You are a detective dispatched to a crime scene involving multiple victims. Upon your arrival, the first officer on the scene provides you with an overview of what he found on his arrival. He also gives you a knife that he obtained from the crime scene. After conducting a preliminary examination of the scene, you proceed back to

    Intro to Criminal Justice

    1. Many community groups are concerned about the apparent move in some jurisdictions to a type of policing that focuses on " quality of life " issues. Should these groups be concerned? What dangers, if any, are there to civil rights if police departments adopt a strategy addressing quality of life issues? 2. Is it a good use

    Harry the Handyman

    Harry operates a local handyman business. Harry also does some routine maintenance work for a few commercial accounts. Harry is very successful and has enough business to keep him and several employees busy 6 days a week. Occasionally, a client rents repair tools from Harry. Clients sometime take their time paying for Harry's se

    Earthquake preparedness in the public administration

    The committee will need to propose policies on training and education for earthquake preparedness. Both the organization's employees and the public will need education and training for the earthquake preparedness plan to be truly effective. - How will the organization address training for employees? Explain in detail. - How

    Public Administration Services

    - Identify the type of public organization for which you work, as well as what types of services, goods, or activities the organization provides to the public. Identify the size and scope of the organization. - Construct a budget using Excel that will provide a breakdown of the various organizational budget items. Copy and

    Managing a Smallpox Outbreak

    Scenario: Over the past few weeks, eight cases of smallpox have occurred within your jurisdiction, which is a small isolated city in the Midwest. 1. Could this be a terrorist attack? Why or why not? Explain your logic. 2. What could be the possible routes of exposure? How could you measure these possible routes? 3. What ac

    Accident in a School Gym

    Scenario: You are responding to a basketball game at the local high school with report of multiple persons down. You are the first to arrive and notice numerous cars and two buses in the parking lot, but no sound from the gym. 1. What are your initial thoughts? 2. What are your initial actions? 3. What precautions do you ta

    Conducting Emergency Response

    Scenario: You are dispatched to an explosion at a predominately black church where the pastor has recently been in the news due to his support for a particular candidate for local office. On arrival you find the church is heavily damaged on one side and is on fire. A neighbor rushes over to tell you she saw a young white male co

    9-11 and Homeland Security

    Discuss the pre-attack assessment and security review as it relates to emergency response situations. 245 words with reference.

    U.S. Border Security, Immigration Issues, and Economic Impact

    Prepare a comprehensive plan for U.S. border security. The plan will include concepts such as border security, immigration issues, economic impact and future political ramifications. The paper will address the current pitfalls associated with this topic and your recommendations on how to rectify the situation.

    Public Administration: Corruption

    •How does corruption come about within an organization? Explain in detail. •What conditions must exist, or what factors allow corruption to seep into public organizations? Explain in detail. •What forms do you think corruption can take within a public organization? Explain in detail. •How do you think corruption

    Ethics of Police Brutality

    You are a member of a recently formed committee to deal with numerous complaints against police and correction officers in your town and are asked to determine if there is merit to these allegations and develop a protocol to address the current problem and prevent these practices from occurring in the future. The allegations are

    Discussing the Global Response to the Crisis in Haiti

    The recent earthquake in Haiti required a major international response to the event. Despite the outpouring of money, supplies and food, the victims suffered needlessly due to failures by the relief agencies to coordinate efforts and communicate. Identify failures of international groups to effectively respond and discuss ways i

    U.S. Border Patrol: Mexican Border

    Examine the current status of the U.S. Border Patrol along the Mexican border. What makes the duties and responsibilities of this position one of the most important and dangerous of any law enforcement position in the country? What measures could be implemented to make the border a safer and more secure environment for all U.S.

    Fictional Public Organizations

    --Create and describe two fictional public organizations. -One organization should be structured around the closed organizational model, while the second should be structured around the open organizational model. --For each of the two fictional organizations: -What services, goods, or activities does the organization provid

    Cross-discipline relations

    Discuss how the disciplines you studied interact with the topic: impact of government on small businesses. How do your areas of study overlap? Where might they create difficulties for you? Areas studied: American Government Physical Science Business Communication Personal Finance English I, II Strategies for Decisi