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History and Philosophy of Law

Environmental Law and the question of Tax Provisions

1. Is society better off with modern environmental laws, or would it be preferable to revert back to the old common law doctrines of private and public nuisance to govern environmental concerns? 2. Tax provisions can impact behavior. Thus, Congress has created a tax deduction for those who purchase a new hybrid gas-electric c

Fuel and Environmental Improvement and the environment

1. Should responsibility for environmental improvements be shared among the more wealthy countries rather than the countries that currently pollute the most? It is not secret for example that developing countries often pollute the most because they have older less environmentally technology, that is albeit cheaper, but not as ef

Discounts/Price Discrimination and Microsoft Issues

1. A number of cases in recent years pit independent operators (such as independent video stores, neighborhood bookstores and local pharmacies) against national chains (such as Blockbuster, Barnes & Nobles and big hospitals). They present a basic philosophical and policy issue: Should we use antitrust laws to protect small busin

Antitrust Law Concentration of Personal Wealth

-Is the higher concentration of personal wealth reflective of a failure of the Sherman and Clayton Acts? Should the redistribution of wealth at the corporate or personal level be a goal pursued by the federal government? - The Microsoft case gives us an opportunity to consider the impact that economic power, whether anticompe

Reflecting on Law & Society

What is law? Why do we need law? Does it matter where we get the information needed to answer these questions? What is something valuable that you have learned about how laws can affect society?

Importance of Codes of Ethics

Based on the ethical guidelines that apply to all criminal justice personnel, clarify the importance of codes of ethics in guiding practices and minimizing misconduct by criminal justice personnel during all stages of the criminal justice process. What are the ethical requirements for prosecutors to "seek justice, not merely

Legalities and Article Commentary

Please post your comments on the following articles. Article 1:Oral Immunotherapy Shows Promise for Children with Egg Allergy Oral immunotherapy with egg-white powder can lead to sustained unresponsiveness to the allergen in nearly a third of children with egg allergy, according to a New England Journal of Medicine study.

Selecting a Jury

One of the first steps in a trial is selecting a jury. How important do you think this step is? Is it possible to select a jury that will be more favorable to your client? If so, is that fair? What if your client has received negative media attention, is it still possible for him to receive a fair trial or will the jury ultimate

Law Contracts Case Study

Barney and his 16-year-old son BamBam are riding in Fred's car. Fred had taken some prescription medication that morning that stated on the bottle, "Warning, may cause drowsiness." The truck in front of them suffers a blow-out, and swerves uncontrollably. The tire remnants fly into the road and Fred swerves and hits a car to his

Legal Status and Treatment of Native Americans

Over the last two centuries, several laws have impacted and at times dramatically changed the legal status and treatment of Native Americans in the United States. The following are the most significant: 1. The US Supreme Court, in Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia (1831) declared the Indains a "dependent domestic nation", allow

Business Entities, Laws and Regulations

For each of the following business proposals, discuss the business entity that represents the best choice for each business, taking control, taxation, and liability issues into consideration. Identify laws and regulations each business must consider in starting the business, and identify risks against which each business must pr

History of Employment Law and Whitsleblower Case Study

What is the chronological order of the major legislation that makes up the history of employment law in this country? For each law, state the social problem the law was designed to address, and discuss how employment law has affected the workplace in the last three decades. Your employee, Tom Smith, believes women are treate

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Legal Education System

We learned that legal education continues to be criticized on several grounds. First, it shuns social science and neglects important considerations of race, class, gender, and other social variables. Second, it socializes students to be more politically conservative than when they began law school and, more specifically, orients

Exception to Employment at Will and Copyright Procedures

What does employment at will mean? What are some exceptions to this doctrine? What is a copyright? What is the procedure to register a copyright? How is a copyright different from a patent? What is the fair use doctrine? Provide an example of a copyright, trademark and a patent. Please point me in the right direction.

Product Safety and Liability: McDonalds v. Liebeck

I am having trouble with this case study that I'm learning about in one of my management classes. Please read the attached case and answer the following thoroughly in your own words: 1. Explain if there was a "reasonable risk" or "unreasonable risk" involved in this case. 2. Was the plaintiff acting prudently? Explain. 3. E

Social Change on Laws

Research a situation from the last decade which, in your opinion, exemplifies the impact of social change on laws. Identify and briefly describe this situation. After describing the situation, please answer the following: - In what ways does this situation exemplify how social change can affect law (law as a dependent variabl

Incorporating a Business: Tom's Landscaping

Tom inherited his father's landscaping business, and incorporated the business after he read an article in Lawn News, advising landscaping businesses to incorporate. Tom has been sued by a customer, whose prize rose bushes were accidentally damaged by a landscaper. Tom called his attorney, Hector, to represent him in the lawsuit

Statute of Frauds: Hazel & Ruth

Hazel is 84, and suffers from debilitating arthritis. Sometimes, she can barely walk. Every time Hazel has been unable to get around, her neighbor Ruth cooks and cleans for her until she feels better. Hazel has offered to pay Ruth, but Ruth always declines. One day when Hazel is feeling well, she and Ruth eat out in a restaurant

Understanding Law Terminology

What is your understanding of the following terms: - "meaning and intent of the law" - "spirit of the law" - "letter of the law"

Sentencing for Juveniles: Jackson, 17 years old

Jackson is a 17-year-old boy who has stolen a car. Jackson assaulted the driver to take possession of the car. Jackson has been in trouble with the law and is currently on probation. Jackson was detained by police and taken to a juvenile hall where he is awaiting his court date to see what will happen to him because of this crim

Community-Based Prevention Programs

Megan is a 12-year-old girl who lives in a poor area. Megan's life is full of family problemsâ?"her parents are always fighting, and everyone in her family is in extreme poverty. Megan cannot afford to be on any sports teams, and she is failing math. Her parents cannot afford for her to go to tutoring. Megan believes if she had

Copyright Laws and Digital Surveillance

Has the law has achieved an appropriate balance in protecting conflicting rights regarding copyright protection and digital surveillance? Also, what are your thoughts on the following: - The ease of copying and sharing materials on the Internet and its effect on copyright. - The influence of the open-source movement on atti

Sentencing For Petty Theft Charges

Theft is defined as the taking of another person's property without that person freely giving consent. Any theft of items under a value of five hundred dollars is classified as petty theft. Because there are different types of theft that qualify as petty theft, there are several different charges that can be imposed. Charges can

Antitrust Laws and the Federal Trade Commission Act: A Case Study

Memorial Hospital, a hospital in Bordertown, Iowa, has an agreement with Careco, a managed care organization with plan members in the states of Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, to provide medical care to its members. A condition of Memorial's agreement states that Careco cannot contract with other hospitals in the Bordertow

Questions about Domestic Violence and Rape

1.) Who established the first safe-houses for battered women, as well as where and when these safe-houses were established? 2.) Who established the first rape crisis centers, as well as where and when these centers were established 3.) How the civil rights movement has contributed to anti-discrimination efforts and the e

Juvenile Delinquency in 1870

Peter is a 14-year-old boy living in New York in the year 1870. Peter has stolen a horse and has been arrested by local law enforcement. Discuss what life may have been like for Peter as a young person in America at this time. How were young people treated in everyday life, and how were their criminal actions handled? How wou

Hot Diggety Dogs case

Joan and Don own ?Hot Diggety Dogs,? (HDD) a vending cart business, which sells gourmet hot dogs on the Streets of Richmond, Virginia. The partners operate four hotdog carts scattered at various points in the downtown area close to the office and retail shops. They have a vendor?s license from the City to operate their busines

Criminal Law: Committee on Terrorism

Your boss was recently selected to speak to a congressional committee on terrorism. In preparation for his testimony, he asked you to write a memo of 2-4 paragraphs responding to the following question he will be asked: 1.) Explain and discuss the Patriot Act and the recent laws targeting terrorists. 2.) Should terrorism

Procurement Law Question

This is a procurement law question: Vandy Inc.'s CEO was particularly proud of his firm's work supporting Special Agent Tom Know-it-All and the FBI in a recent sting operation. In fact, Vandy Inc. had provided numerous supplies and services to the FBI to assist it with its operation. Unfortunately, it now appears that Special Ag