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Developing a Questionnaire on Substance Abuse

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Develop a questionnaire or interview with a minimum of 10 questions that address substance abuse.

- Make sure your questions are clear, concise, and unbiased.
- Consider the responses you might receive. Will these responses provide answers to the research question?
- You must use each of the 4 question types (open-ended, dichotomous, multiple choice, and scale) at least once.

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Questionnaire on Substance Abuse

1. Have you ever used any illegal substances? (dichotomous)

2. Would you agree that drug abuse is detrimental to a person's mental health? (dichotomous)

3. Have you ever experienced violent tendencies because of your drug use? (dichotomous)

4. Assuming that the person answers yes the follow-up question would be: Can you tell me more about the violent thoughts or tendencies that you experienced? ...

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This solution provides a hypothetical questionnaire that could be used for counselors who are seeking responses about the severity of substance abuse among students. This is all completed in about 280 words.