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    History and Philosophy of Law

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    Courts and women

    Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not? Explain the statement that â??many courts continue to believe that women are partially, if not primarily, responsible for their own domestic violence and sexual harassment victimization and also pre-judge the type of juror or witness a woman will be based solely upon her gende

    Sexual harassment victimization and the connection to women in courts

    Explain the statement that â??many courts continue to believe that women are partially, if not primarily, responsible for their own domestic violence and sexual harassment victimization and also pre-judge the type of juror or witness a woman will be based solely upon her gender.â? Do you agree with this statement? Why or

    Law ethics/professional conduct

    Looking for help to put together a paper on professional conduct and rules for lawyers. This is for consumers to learn about rules regulating lawyers in U.S that a group of us are trying to develop to help show the reason all states should use ABA rules or have more rules than the ABA not less. The idea is to write it as a l

    Ethics-Utilitarianism or Deontology summary

    Briefly Discuss: When considering moral philosophies applied to your own decision making, do you lean towards Utilitarianism or Deontology? A personal rationale is briefly added.

    Society, Law and Government

    In the US today almost 6.5 million people, about one of every thirty-two are either incarcerated or on probation or parole. Explain why you believe this is... Please provide at least two articles that support your answer What impact has stratification had on the delivery and quality of legal services in the United States? P

    Legislative Changes

    Can you please help me identify some port security issues and what legislative changes should be put in place for the United States to protect America's seaports?

    Asymmetric Threats

    Can you please help me categorize the potential list of asymmetric threats facing major seaports today and outline seaports' vulnerability to attack?

    Future Changes in Criminal Justice

    Three changes expected in the field of criminal justice over the next 50 years. 1. Discuss the current state of criminal justice for the areas you choose and provide support for the ways in which criminal justice will change. 2. Provide your opinion whether or not these changes are beneficial or detrimental to society

    Analyze Case Law

    Read the United States Supreme Court case of Preston v. Ferrer, 128 S.Ct. 978 (2008). Located at http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/06-1463.ZO.html. Using issues, rule, analysis and conclusion (IRAC) formatting as explained below, please analyze the courtâ??s ruling and its rationale for ruling as it did. Do you agree with t

    Bush v. Gore case analysis

    When the Supreme Court handed down its decision in Bush v. Gore, many critics portrayed the decision as the latest and best example of the contention that legal decisions are, at their core, just political decisions masquerading as higher law. a) To what extent is a â??politicalâ? element involved in every

    Homework problem about AMerican judicial selection

    Nations differ in the education training and professional qualifications of their judges and lawyers. The systems used in the U.S., in fact, differ between states. a) What does the U.S. Constitution require for judicial selection? b) How have the President and the U.S. Senate dealt with the proc

    BP Ethical Issue

    Do you feel it was ethical that BP had to put aside a 20 billion dollar fund for gulf victims of the oil rig disaster? Why or why not? What models did you use to reach your conclusion?

    U.S. Trademarks & Westlaw

    How many U.S. trademarks are associated with the name "Westlaw"? a. Of these, how many are currently active b. What is the registration number for the "westlaw.com" mark? c. When will this mark expire?

    Mission Statement

    Could you help me form a Mission statement for a prison facility that I am creating for a project?

    Question about security professional

    Why is it important for a security professional to know specifics about the particular target environment to which they are assigned? How can experienced security professionals prepare themselves for challenges and opportunities they have never encountered before? Is it possible that experience with only one type of environm

    Correctional choices in identity theft related crimes.

    You are a judge and an individual appears before you having been convicted of stealing others' identities for monetary gain. What specific information would be important to know before imposing a sentence?How would you incorporate the sentencing goals of retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, rehabilitation, and restitution in

    Organizational Behavior & management factors

    DQ 1: What factors do you think differentiate good decisions-makers from poor ones? Be as specific as possible. 2. Do men and women differ, if at all, in their leadership approaches?

    Introducing the topic and effects of modern technology in future policing; its effects on management, officers and the public; and the progression in the history of technology in policing

    Topic: Technology in Policing Evaluate the topic and predict the issues it may present in the future from the perspective of individual police personnel, police management, and the community A.)How technology helps policing. B.)History/explanation on technology in policing. Assistance is needed with an introduction

    Police Personality

    Target the concept of police personality, focusing on unique traits versus socialization and experience. Choose one viewpoint and explain why it makes the most sense to you.

    Police, Policing and Public Perception

    Please help answer the following questions. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. How does the use of police discretion influence community perceptions? What may police agencies do to improve the image of policing?


    Mark has been assigned to research a case for the firm's client, Desiree Darden, which relates to a contract for the sale of goods in Illinois on credit. Mark asks you for advice about legal research. He has located several legal resources, and all of them seem to address facts and issues that are similar to the facts in the Dar

    Bankruptcy information different chapters

    I need assistance with summarizing the following questions: 1. Who may file Chapter 7 bankruptcy? How has this changed over the past few years? 2. What are some of the reasons people file bankruptcy? 3. How does bankruptcy affect interest rates on loans? Credit cards? **Please summarize in your own words

    Advanced Topic in Criminal Justice

    You attend the annual Criminal Justice Symposium at the local convention center and are lucky enough to listen to a guest lecture entitled Police Communication Interoperability: Working Together for Public Safety. The Monday after the conference, your supervisor asks you to create a presentation to share what you learned wit