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    History and Philosophy of Law

    Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice

    Requesting help with the following question (information and references) Your supervisor informs you that your department will have a significant amount of extra funds available at the end of the year. These funds must be spent before the formulation of the next year's budget. Your supervisor tasks you to write a proposal for

    Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice

    Requesting help (information and references) with the question below. Thanks. You have been asked to give a speech at a public rally to promote voter turnout. The organizers have asked you to speak about so-called blue laws. The rally organizers would like you to address whether you believe it is better to leave blue laws on

    Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice

    Requesting help (information and references). Thanks Your training coordinator has requested that your group present a report at your next training meeting. This report will help your colleagues better understand how technology affects the administration of justice and the outcome of court cases in particular. Your training c

    Legal system identification, comparison and analysis memorandum

    Mr. Jones's projects include some of the largest residential subdivisions within the city. While Mr. Jones' business was developing the infrastructure of its newest and largest subdivision, the city discovered an easement for a city utility line on the subdivision that did not belong to Mr. Jones. The owner of the property where

    Computer Crime Detective

    Requesting help (information and references) with this question. 2. A prominent local newspaper in the Washington, DC area would like to interview DC Investigative and discuss the nature and growth of high-tech crime, also known as the following: cybercrime, computer crime, Internet crime, and hi-tech crime, and the link to

    Computer Crime Detective

    Requesting help (information and references) for the following question 1. A university in the Washington, DC area would like to offer a class next school year on protecting against cybercrime and would like to contract your team to provide a course design for its implementation. Explain to the school in a whitepaper the cha

    Comuter Crime Detective

    Requesting help (information and references)on the 2 questions below. 1. The federal law enforcement agency is preparing for a court appearance. They need assistance in how to explain the forensic process and techniques used to uncover and prove criminal activity. When challenging the admissibility of the digital evidence t

    Computer Crime Detective

    Requesting help (information and references) with the following 2 questions. 1. In a weekly coordination meeting, several senior investigators from the state crime lab request that DC Investigative prepare a (4-5 pages)standard operations procedure document concerning the general processing of computer evidence. Recent forens

    Computer Crime Detective

    1. The Virginia state crime lab forensic supervisor has concerns about the technology used in the field by its investigators to retrieve evidence from multimedia devices and the training of the investigators to retrieve all the possible evidence from all the possible source devices. DC Investigative has been asked to provide a 7

    Criminalistics- Introduction to Forensic Science

    1. The defense has filed a motion to suppress the footprint evidence, handwriting analysis, and the evidence obtained using alternative light sources gathered at the crime scene at Helene Valentine's home. She has asked you to prepare a 3-5 page paper that explains the processes used in gathering that evidence along with cited s

    White and Blue-Collar Crimes, Double Standards?

    1. What are White and Blue-Collar Crimes? 2. Discuss in detail any three white-collar crimes of your choice? Offer examples to support your answer? 3. Do you think that our society generally demonstrates a double standard in terms of prosecution between White-Collar and Blue-Collar Crimes? Explain your response in a comp

    Criminalistics- Introduction to Forensic Science

    Zaitun Mogri, you helped me with my last assignments and requesting your help again, with the 2 assignment below and any information and references. Thanks! 1. Locate a case that used serology and/or alternative light sources to locate evidence. Briefly summarize the case and discuss whether the case was appealed or not. If

    Criminalistics- Introduction to Forensic Science

    Requesting help with the assignments below. Requesting any information and references. Thanks Helen Valentine was found deceased in the master bedroom of her upstairs, two-bedroom apartment, at 11:58 AM on Tuesday morning. Upon arrival, the investigators noticed an empty bottle of vodka on the floor of her bedroom, and two

    US Court of Appeals is highlighted.

    1. A case involving a dispute between Colorado, Utah and Arizona over water rights. 2.A case involving an appeal of a 5th U.S. District court decision regarding the right of Texas high school students to recite prayers over the school PA system before football games. 3.A case involving a state law prohibiting the import of

    Three Strikes Law

    1. If the three strikes law is continued, will it cause future crowding problems within prisons, or should more prisons just be built? Will iy have an effect on the future construction of prisons or the prison system. 2. If the three strikes law is continued, will it cause future crowding problems within prisons, or should mo

    Regulatory framework for Business

    Hi. Kindly provide an exhaustive and detailed explanation for the answers of these 2 questions. Thank you. Question # 1: In relation to contract law distinguish between offers and invitations to treat and explain in detail why it is important to make such a distinction? Write as much as you wish to make your answer extremely

    Technology in Criminal Justice Administration

    Analyze how crime statistics are collected in the United States. Explain what collection methods are used to obtain statistical data reported by mechanisms, such as the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) maintained by the FBI. Assess how statistical analysis software and databases, such as the UCR, could be used to forecast crime and as

    English Law

    1. English law used transportation as a punishment. This was a newer form of banishment used by tribal societies. was this a useful form of punishment Would like opinion and assists with websites to Learn more about the English law and correctional rules.

    The FBI Identified

    Complete PowerPoint® Presentation on The FBI agency. ? Your presentation should have at least 7 slides and must include speaker notes for each slide aswell as the answers to the questions below. ? Identify The FBI, Follow-up Questions 1. Why does the identified agency exist? 2. Describe the powers of the identified admi

    Technology and High Tech Crimes

    The impact and use of technology in policing and the courts is a primary tool for police/courts to be productive and "keep up" with the increasing sophistication of high tech crime and criminals. New techniques and advanced technology are now required to maintain a high quality of police and court management. What are some of th

    Celebrities are sometimes victims of stalking.

    Celebrities are sometimes victims of stalking. Research at least one celebrity's stalking story and identify the factors that you believe are important in the situation to evaluate the level of threat posed to the victim.

    Date-rape case involving the college student --- survey

    You are working with the prosecutor in the date-rape case involving the college student, and you have decided that it would be a good idea to put together a survey that could be used to poll the local college campus about the attitudes concerning date rape and date rape drugs. Your goal is to find out the following: --if co

    Cases of domestic violence and child abuse

    This is for PowerPoint presentation. But I would be happy having this on a regular paper as well. Thank you in advance! ---------------------- The prosecutor is getting feedback from local law enforcement explaining that they are discouraged about making arrests in cases of domestic violence and child abuse. They claim th

    Impact of youth in the court system.

    It should be short, 5 paragraphs...I live in the USA (wisconsin) The prosecutor's office has received an influx of new child neglect cases because the legislature, under the public pressure, just passed an added definition of child abuse and neglect. The public pressure was the result of several recently reported cases and th

    Date Rape and Date Rape Drugs

    You have decided to speak with the prosecutor, Mary, on behalf of Maureen, the college student who was the victim of date rape. You want to convince Mary to support a change in the prosecutor's policy of not prosecuting date rape cases when drugs or alcohol are involved. Maureen decided not to speak to the media yet, hoping that

    Mandatory reporting of child abuse

    Very often it is media attention that draws us to the plight of certain crime victims that in turn leads to changes in social policies that benefit those victims. For example, clergy abuse is a relatively new term used to describe the physical or sexual abuse of children by clergy in certain situations. In the past, these cases

    Crimes of Public Morality

    Crimes of public morality are controversial because some people view them as "victimless." One such crime is prostitution, which one state--Nevada--has legalized. Should prostitution be made legal in other states as well? Answer the question, give two reasons to support your answer, and respond to the posts of at least two cl

    Is it Ethical?

    Coach Sharon Youngblood works as an athletic coach and recruiter for Florida State University. Athletic competitions and the recruitment of athletes require Sharon to do a great deal of traveling. The university reimburses Sharon for her travel expenses. Sharon joined a frequent-flyer program and has been receiving credit for