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History and Philosophy of Law

Tax Services: Client Litigation or Seek Redress

Not sure what the best choice is from a business standpoint. I sell tax services to a corporation. I sign a new client to a one-year contract. This new client is my largest client and can possible refer me to other clients. Halfway through the contract, the client decides that he wants to give the tax business to a new friend th

A legal assistants working with a criminal defense attorney on a homicide case.

A legal assistants working with a criminal defense attorney on a homicide case. The defense attorney discusses with you that there is an ample amount of physical evidence linking the client to the murder and if this evidence is fully presented to the jury there is a strong likelihood of conviction. However, there is also evide

Civil and Criminal Court Decisions

I am confused. Could someone please explain to me how two different courts could come to such complete opposite verdicts in the OJ Simpson trial. One court ruled not guilty while another one awarded damages against him for killing his wife? How's that possible?

Public Policy Reason

A public policy reason for imposing strict product liability on all in the chain of distribution is: a. These parties are able to insure against product liability costs. b. These parties should be punished for putting dangerous products on the market. c. Consumers should be able to choose dangerous products if

Unilateral Contract or Gift?

John Dee, one of the richest people in the world, was walking down the street in New York City, where he saw a man in tattered clothes on a bench. He said to the man, "If you come around the corner with me to the clothing store, I'll buy you a nice suit." Having nothing else to do at the time, the man complied. However, when the

Description of the Interview Room

Describe what one would find in an interview room. Why would these items be in that room? If there is another person in the room (officer witness), where should he or she sit? Can he or she ask questions? Where would you place the items in the room?

Criminal Investigation

Give me an example of the scientific and technological advances in criminal investigations. How has it changed over the last 100 years?

Legal Scenario - Help in Decision

The Teluga Bay area of the city is a formerly run down area that is undergoing "gentrification." Many of the formerly run down houses are now prized jewels on the bluff overlooking the seacoast. The City Housing Authority (CHA), a department of City Government, is looking for a place to put a series of what it calls "low income

Stakeholders in the Corporate Governance

Identify the role of Stakeholders in the Corporate Governance Process: Changes in executive compensation Changes in shareholders Changes in Board of Directors Decision-making authority Performance evaluation

District of Columbia versus Heller

Prepare a proposed opinion of what you think the Supreme Court will rule in the District of Columbia v. Heller case. It should be rooted in the relevant precedents and literature that properly guide how the case should be decided. Relevant literature and court cases should be cited where appropriate. This is a currently p

Correctional history and trends

You have been asked to provide the introduction for a one-day conference, at which U.S. correctional policy will be discussed. Many of the people at the workshop are not necessarily familiar with correctional history and trends. You prepare your notes ahead of time, being sure to include the following: -The origins of the U.S

You are the Vice-President of Customer Service.

I need help can you give me your opinion on this: You are the Vice-President of Customer Service. You are watching the 11 pm news one evening when you see, Sheila, your Manager of Call Center Operations appear on television. She is wearing the uniform of a member of the KKK (Klu Klux Klan). She is being interviewed on televi

DC Gun Law and Second Amendment

Did the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia arrive at the right decision about the DC gun law and the Second Amendment? Does the dissent make a stronger case? Comments should include information regarding the history, meaning and current application of the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment and District of Columbia v. Heller

There is much debate over whether the Second Amendment was intended to secure a collective or individual right. Coming to grips with the problem of what the language of the Second Amendment means, and the kind of right it was intended to protect, how does this relate to the case of District of Columbia v. Heller?

Buckley v. Valeo

The case of Buckley v. Valeo (1976) examines issues associated with the implementation and impact of Supreme Court decisions. Discuss what this tells us about the role of courts in a democratic political system, and particularly what they tell us about the strength and weaknesses of the judiciary as a source of public policy in

Can you discuss with us the evolution of Title VII

Can you discuss with us the evolution of Title VII; The impact of Title VII in the workplace; Who is covered and not covered under Title VII and Policies that companies should have in place to avoid Title VII violations?

Judicial Decision Making

There are two general categories of influences on judicial decision making, the legal and democratic subcultures. Which of these two subcultures do you see as most useful for understanding the process by which judges make decisions? Do you think judges should keep an eye on public opinion when deciding cases, or, should judges f

Personal and Professional Code of Ethics

I'm in an Ethics class and I need to create a personal code of ethics using one of the major ethical framework as a guide. I have to examine the professional code of ethics for a career field in Criminal Justice (preferable Crime Scene Investigation and analyze the ethical dilemmas for this field. I should include how the pe

Interest groups and the judicial process

Interest groups have often been identified as one of the most important factors in the judicial process. What tactics and strategies do interest groups use in the judicial process? Give examples. How does the Simon and Schuster case illustrate the idea that "each of the parties represented the policy interests of much broader c

Supreme Court Judges

What generalizations can we make about the politics of selecting judges to the federal courts from the data that has been collected and documented? What lessons do we learn about the politics of selecting Supreme Court justices based on the the nominations of Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court?

The case of the Speluncean Explorers

The judges deciding the case of the Speluncean Explorers use a variety of perspectives in order to decide whether the defendants were guilty of homicide. Review each of the perspectives provided by the judges. What theories of the law and the judicial process seem to drive each of their perspectives? Which one do you think is

Law Enforcement Administrator - Review of Statistics

Imagine that you are a local law enforcement administrator. Answer the following questions in a 2 to 3 page (double spaced) essay. ? What do these data tell you? ? If your graph is most relevant to police or correctional officers: How might this data change the direction you give to line level officers about tactics and depl

What are the goals of punishment and corrections?

What are the goals of punishment and corrections? Explain the rationale behind those goals. How does the concept of community corrections relate to these goals and rationale? What do you think about the use of the death penalty as a form of punishment? Support by using one of the major ethical systems.