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History and Philosophy of Law

Technology Trends

Discuss how identification information, such as DNA profiles or fingerprints, could be misused by the criminal justice system and could amount to a violation of a citizen's rights under the U.S. Constitution. 3-4 paragraphs. Please include your references.

Contributory Negligence Case Study

You Be The Judge -Case #1 - Your Opinion, Please! Read the following scenario and answer the three questions after the scenario. Give the three questions some serious thought. You may also incorporate in your response to these questions information gained through your own experience if it is relevant. THE SCENARIO Lat

Business and the Constitution

1. Could the U.S. business world evolve so far that the Constitution would no longer serve it well? 2. How would you know that such an event has occurred? What would you do about it?

Sugar market in Great Britain

The sugar market in Great Britain is shared between four firms : two producers, British Sugar and Tate&Lyle and two wholesalers, Napier Brown and James Budgett. The two producers work closely together and have more than 90 per cent of the market for retail consumers purchasing one kilogram bags. British Sugar has 60 per cent of

Problem Solving and Communication

One of the problem-solving models popular in community oriented policing is the SARA method, which is an acronym for Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment. In community oriented policing or problem oriented policing, interaction and partnership with the public is crucial to achieving goals. Consider the following: You a

Parole vs. Prison

Take a position for the following statement and support the position with evidence, please provide sources for your information. 1. Placing criminals in prison benefits everyone.

Special problems and parole issues are mentioned.

1. Descibe a special probation/parole client and programs that have been established to address this problem client. 2. List 2 to 3 examples of programs that have been created. List their strengths, weaknesses, successes and failures. 3. Discuss plans for a new program by using the strengths from some of the researched p

Rehabilitation and Supervision

1. Research the internet for information on how probation/parole has implemented the classification system in determining the needs of clients, discuss any goals successes and failures. 2. What are the purposes of classifying offenders in probation and parole? 3. What are some of the differences between classification sys

Rochin versus California

ROCHIN v CALIFORNIA Supreme Courts of the United States, 1952 342 U.S 165, 72 S. Ct 205, 96 L. Ed. 183 Argued: October 16, 1951 Decided: January 2, 1952 FACTS: Rochin swallowed drug capsules to dispose of evidence. The police pummelled him and jumped on his stomach in a vain effort to make him throw up. They took

Critical Thinking & Decision Making

In what way is critical thinking involved in decision making? Is it possible to make good decisions without thinking critically? Just some ideas about critical thinking with decision making. Thank you

Civil Liabilities, Corporations Law and Insider Trading - Martha Stewart

Please visit the following website: The Civil Liabilities that arise in the case, the Corporations Law, jailing of Martha Steward. The story from the above link deals with the Martha Stewart insider trading scandal which took place in 2003. You will need to do some more internet research concerning the facts of this case to

Violence as a morally acceptable strategy

What are the circumstances under which violence might be a morally acceptable strategy for an organization seeking justice? I just want a few circumstances that can be elaborated on.


More people have been killed in genocide during the past 100 years than at any time in history. Why might that be true and what might be done to change things? I need to know what is genocide and some ideas of how it is true and some ideas of what might be done to change things based on the past 100 years. I would like to ha

American Justice System

What are some kinds of obstacles that keep the American justice system from being too efficient? I am looking for ideas to elaborate on. Thank you.

Real Estate Commision

Parker, the owner of certain unimproved real estate in Chicago, employed Adams, a real estate agent, to sell the property for a price of $25,000 or more and agreed to pay Adams a commission of 6& for making a sale. Adams negotiated with TUrner, who was interested in the property and willing to pay as much as $28,000 for it. Adam

English Legal System

Discuss in detail: Although tribunals and arbitration both enjoy advantages over litigation, it is clear that mediation offers the perfect resolution of the vast majority of civil legal disputes. Provide references please.

Probation and Parole

1. Describe the various roles that probation/parole officers can take on including probation/parole officer roles as agency models, agents of rehabilitation, broker/advocate agents, and probation/parole officers as law enforcement agents. 2. What type of officer do you feel would have the greatest opportunity to make a positi

Early release of convicts and other questions

1. Do you support the idea of "Placing criminals in prisons benefits everyone". Why or why not? Please give reasons for your answers. 2. Do you support this idea on the practice of the early release of convicts from jails and prisons and allowing them to complete the remaining part of their sentences in the community? Why or

Probation details are cited.

1. What is the purpose of a presentence investigation report? a victim impact statement? What are some problems with these documents? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of the ways in which probation may be administered? 3. What elements can affect the granting of probation? 4. How does the quality

Discussion Questions

1, What are the primary concerns regarding managed care from the consumer 's perspective?, The provider's perspective ? The payer's perspective ? My answer: Managed care from the consumers perspective is just to get care in a timely manner and get it done as quicly as possible. The Provider's perspective- the provider also w

Important information about Problems with evidence

1. Connecticut State Trooper Glover was working as an undercover officer in narcotics. He and an informant went to an apartment building in Hartford, where Glover knocked on the door of one of the apartments. A man (the defendant in this case) opened the door and in a 5-to-7 minute period sold $20 worth of heroin to Glover. Glov

Crime Evidence Scenarios

1. A young man robbed a woman in a women's restroom at the Washington National Monument. During the robbery, the woman had a good opportunity to see the young man. The woman immediately reported the robbery and described the young man who robbed her. Three days later, a young man (Crews) was improperly and illegally detained. Ph

Microsoft Lawsuit is investigated.

Research the Department of Justice lawsuit against Microsoft. 1. What is the current state of the ruling? 2. What is the next step? 3. What effect has any part of this suit had on Microsoft products? 4. What do you believe the future effect will be on Microsoft? 5. Were the courts consistent with precedent or setting a

Description of Search and Seizure

Two police officers were patrolling in a high-crime neighborhood. They noticed a parked car with two people inside (a driver and a passenger). The officers saw a young woman leaning into the passenger's window and handing the passenger an object, which they could not identify. At this point they approached the car and the woman

Criminal Procedure

A gunman robbed a bank. No one saw him before he entered or after he left. The police soon arrived and canvassed the area. A witness, who lived behind the bank at the time, told the police he saw a car that resembled the defendant's. The witness said the car looked like it needed a new muffler, and he saw it race through the all

Businesses and law scenarios are solved.

Can you please answer these explaining the issue, rule/law, application and conclusion that can be drawn? Thanks. 4. Neil owned a violin that he wanted to sell and Linda wanted to purchase. Both parties thought the violin to be a rare Stradivarius violin. They agree on a price of $200,000. Later, it was discovered

Questions about Agency Law, Partnerships, and Corporations occur.

Can you help explain these by stating the issue, rule, how to apply it, and what conclusion can be drawn for each one? Thanks. 1. Dick Driver carelessly smashes his car into the rear end of another car while driving on a busy street. Although Dick had no way of knowing this, the other car's truck was filled with dynamite

Crime Scene Analysis

How would a crime scene investigator handle the situations below. Please include equipment that must be provided such as respirators and chemical suits or something as simple as gloves and masks. Discuss the manner in which officers should secure a crime scene after assuring public safety, and the policy for contacting other ag