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    Computer and Digital Crime, Warrants

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    Identify and explain the biggest problems facing the criminal justice system in the area of computer crime.
    Identify and explain the types of computer crimes you believe are going to become more prevalent in the future and the basis for your selections.
    Identify and explain the types of warrantless searches that can be conducted by investigators collecting digital evidence.
    Explain the major requirements established by the Electronic Communication Privacy Act.

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    1. ID thefit is the biggest problem facing the criminal justice system in the area of computer crime. By stealing someone's identity and financial data (credit card numbers, bank accounts, etc.), theft can occur in very large amounts and without much verification requests. Because many people use the the internet to do a lot of their financial transactions such as banking and bill payments as well as product purchase, they become prey of thieves. Other big problems include child exploitation in which children are either solicited online or child pornography is illegally distributed online.

    2. In the future, solicitation of children as well as adults may become more prevalant because of the ease of access on the internet and the fact that ...