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History and Philosophy of Law


6.Which of the following is correct with regard to commercial speech? a.The government cannot regulate commercial speech. b.The government can regulate the time, place or manner of commercial speech, but it cannot prevent it. c.The government can restrict or prevent commercial speech, so long as the speech does not have pol

The Exclusionary Rule

In three to four paragraphs answer the following questions about the Exclusionary Rule," by Judge Guido Calabresi, the author argues that the exclusionary rule is not the best remedy for police police conduct that violates Fourth Amendment principles relating to search and seizure. What is Judge Calabresi's major criticism

Risk Factor Handout

Please help me with this. The group I have chosen is gangs. In Ch. 5 and 6 you have read about classifications of juvenile delinquency and potential risk factors for different groups. Over the next several weeks you will explore a selected target group in the juvenile justice system. ? Resources: Ch. 5 and 6 in Juvenile Just

After being drafted by the Indianapolis Dolts

After being drafted by the Indianapolis Dolts (a professional football team), All-Big One Conference offensive tackle Les Holdem contracted with sports agent Harry Shifty to represent him in contract negotiations with the Dolts. Vic Amoral, a sports agent who was in competition with Shifty, later persuaded Holdem to discharge S

Which of the following is slander rather than libel?

Which of the following is slander rather than libel? a)A defamatory statue. b)A defamatory TV broadcast. c)A defamatory magazine article. d)All of the above are libel rather than slander. Eleanor Rigby is an employee of Strawberry Fields Music, Inc., a firm that specializes in the preparation of origin


Which one is more violent "White Collar Crime" or "Street Crime" and why? Thanks for your help =)

The role of law enforcement

The role of law enforcement differs not only jurisdictionally but by mission and responsibility at federal, state and local levels of government. Using the Library and other reference sources, research and discuss the history of how federal, state and local law enforcement have related to each other and interacted. How have thei

John Jones is a paralegal working at the XYZ law firm.

John Jones is a paralegal working at the XYZ law firm. The firm is handling a large class action involving potentially thousands of plaintiffs. John has been instructed to screen the potential plaintiffs in the class. John tells those he screens out (using criteria provided by the firm) in writing or verbally that "Unfortunately

Ethics in Law

Bob and Patricia are separated, and they both want a divorce. They would like to have a joint custody arrangement in which their son would spend time with each parent during the year. The only marital property is a house, which they agree should be sold, with each to get one-half of the proceeds. Mary X is an attorney whom Bob a

Electronic monitoring: EM as a sentencing option for judges

2 pages length I need to provide a short summary of (EM) that is electronic as a sentencing option for jugdes 1.Describe how EM works 2.Identify at least 2 of the uses of EM 3.Identify the types of offenders considered for EM 4.Discuss the pros and cons of using EM.

Computer Crime

What is the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970? How has the advent of computer technologies created ways around this Act? What are urban legends? How have these "legends" changed over the course of the last two decades? What is a firewall? Identify and explain at least three functions of a firewall. How are new security t

Difference between a Chief of Police and a Sheriff.

Explain the difference between a Chief of Police and a Sheriff. What are the roles of each? What are the differences in their backgrounds and their roles? What are the similarities? What would be the criteria for evaluating their performance?

Improving Nonverbal Communication

Describe ways to improve nonverbal communication in 700-1,050 words. Be sure to discuss the following questions: How do you know that your perception of what is being communicated is accurate? Which nonverbal cues can potentially convey a misunderstanding? An understanding? How can criminal justice professionals build stro

Indeterminate Sentence and Parole

I need some guidance with the following: What were some of the major criticisms that led some states to abandon the indeterminate sentence and parole? Do you support abolition of indeterminate sentence and parole? Why or why not? Please be sure to support your position. (5 paragraphs) Please include references. Thank you.

Case - The Maryland State Board of Cosmetology

The Maryland State Board of Cosmetology inspected the equipment of the Dawn's Beauty College and found it to be in satisfactory condition. A month later, a visitor Jane Cook, a student at Dawn's, was injured when a salon chair failed to work properly. Cook had washed the hair of a woman with the chair in a reclining position.

The federal government was investigating a corporation and its employees.

The federal government was investigating a corporation and its employees. The alleged criminal wrongdoing, which included the falsification of corporate books and records, occurred between 1993 and 1996 in one division of the corporation. In 1999, th corporation pled guilty and agreed to cooperate in an investigation of the in

Legal case study is solved.

Sherman Hanes is a web designer whose firm does business using the name beatstreet. A company called Taubman Co. began building a mall called "The shops at Willow End" near Hane's home, Hanes registered the domain name "shopsatwillowend" and created a Web site with that address. The site featured information about the mall, a ds

Prevention Programs for Gangs

Locate 4-5 prevention programs that deal with gangs. Create a resource guide by completing the prevention program in Appendix F. Please see attached file. Appendix F Prevention Program Resource Guide 1. Name of Program: 2. Program Web site: 3. Target audience: _____________________ 4. Primary a

Delinquency Prevention: Primary, Secondary or Tertiary

Discuss a delinquency prevention measure from each of the three levels of prevention: Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary. Prevention measures may be corrective, punitive, or mechanical. Discuss each prevention measure, including an explanation of why it is classified as primary, secondary, or tertiary. Any help will be much app

Patent Law

What is the concept of the issue in downloading music or videos according to patent laws?

Job Description of a Juvenile Probation Officer

Job description for a juvenile probation officer Include a description of required job duties, as well as how probation fits into the juvenile justice system in general. Think in terms of: (1) What are the pros and cons of probation?, (2)What are the goals of probation? (3)What makes an effective probation officer, and how do