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History and Philosophy of Law

Identify rules that apply to the development of a jury

Identify rules that apply to the development of a jury and identify and describe specific landmark court cases that were used to establish rules you identify. What do you believe the future holds for the jury system used in the United States?

Criminal Justice & Lying and Deception

There are occasional instances in which no clear line separates acceptable behavior from that which is unacceptable. 1. Discuss briefly the ethical issues involved with the use of lying and deception to further the goals of the justice process, and the possible uses of deception within the criminal justice system. 2. As a

Would this situation constitute a case of sexual harassment?

You are a sergeant with the local police department's patrol division. During your shift a female officer asks if she can speak in private with you about a sensitive subject. You reply yes, and then go into your office, where the female officer begins to relay to you the results of a recent conversation that she had recently wit

Criminal Justice System as a Framework: Analyzing Terrorism and Terrorists

You are a Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration. You have been asked by your supervisor to prepare an informational summary that will be included in the Congressional record during hearings on narcotics trafficking into the United States. Please help me with these questions: 1. Using the Library and othe

Organizational and Interpersonal Variables for a New Court Administrator

You have just been appointed as the new court administrator for a medium sized court system with approximately 75 employees and five full time courts. This is a new position for the courts, as in the past each individual court has primarily managed itself, except for the employee hiring process, which was completed through the C

Criminal Justice

Research the internet and find three instances in which there was police misconduct. This may be an instance in which the police were in violation of rules or procedures mandated by the police department, an instance of criminal misconduct, or an example of unlawful use of force against a citizen. Briefly give a summary of the t

Criminal Justice Organizations

Discuss these three types of management styles (Scientific Management, Human Relations Management, and Systems Management). Which style do you believe would be the most effective to use in the criminal justice system? What are disadvantages of the other two management styles? Should all three components (police, courts, and corr

Law Multiple Choice

A bank representative closes the bank vault at night before going home. Unknown to the bank representative, a customer was inside auditing their safety deposit box with the permission of a bank teller. Everyone goes home and the bank representative forgets to look inside the vault before closing it. The bank vault is closed

Victims in organizational contexts

Victims of crime within controlled populations represent specific vulnerabilities to attack. 1, Describe prison violence, school violence, campus violence, and workplace violence. 2. For each, discuss the most logical approach you believe would lower victimization rates. 3. Defend your position for each. Please help

Victimology & Vitimless-Crime

What specific criminal act described within the context of victimless-crime do you feel comes closest to fitting the definition of being truly victimless? Why?

Victimless Crimes and Respones to Victimization

Compare and contrast the merits of a Victims Rights Amendment to the US Constitution. Legitimate arguments have been waged on both sides of this issue conduct research and discuss findings and approaches which will help yield a balanced presentation both in support of the amendment and against it.

Victims in Organizational Contexts

1. As a criminal justice professional, what do you feel is most important when studying victims of prison violence, school violence, campus violence, and workplace violence? 2. Should we look at how they are similar or should we address the manner in which each person was victimized?

Juvenile Delinquency

A. Analyzing Statistical Surveys and their results? 1.Who is conducting the survey 2. Where is the sample population coming from, do they represent the rest of the population? 3.What environment were the questions asked? 4. Who asked them? 5. How were they asked (personally, paper, computer)? 6.What were the specif


What can be done to change the incidence of hate-crime? Is there one context of hate-crime that would be easier to address than others? Why? Use citations, as necessary, to support your position.

Victimology & Terrorism

Discuss in detail how terrorism creates "indirect" victims. Include a discussion of the terrorist as victim. Please include references and two articles on terrorism.

Law Multiple Choice

25. If admissions are not answered within 30 days: a. They are deemed admitted b. The judge dismisses the case c. An extension is automatically granted d. None of above 26. Correspondence should be place in a file: a. Chronologically, with the latest date on top b. By author c. By recipient d. Chronologically with the

Law Multiple Choice

1. Careless Review and screening of material by a paralegal may result in: a. A serious breach of ethics b. The unethical manufacturing of evidence c. Revelation of a clients secrets d. All of the above e. A and C only 2. Depositions vary from the scope most other discovery devices because: a. They are not limited to th


List some of the common ways to identify an individual who is a victim of domestic violence. Explain how to effectively approach a situation in which a person you encounter is a victim of this crime. Support your position with evidence, research, and/or data. (List citations as necessary.)

Victims of Political or Identity Status

Discuss in detail how the context of domestic violence may be preventable from the perspective of the victim or potential victim and how that might be accomplished. You should include multi-disciplinary (i.e., police, courts, and other agencies) perspectives and use summary research data. Use the Library and other relevant websi


List a minimum of 4 contexts of predatory crime and develop a brief description of what is involved in each. Discuss in detail how the different contexts of predatory crime may be preventable from the perspective of the victim or potential victim, and how that might be accomplished. Research and find resources and examples that

Legal Issues in Information Assurance

1. Your supervisor at your place of employment asks you to host a WebEx GoToMeeting to fulfill a job related task. You are given login credentials which WebEx issued to your supervisor. You have been instructed to use those credentials from your company-issued desktop computer. The license for the GoToMeeting requires the "a

Drugs and Crime

What do you think has more effect on a person's inclination to abuse drugs: social factors or psychological factors? Support your answer with evidence.

Drugs and Crime

Discuss in detail the three contextual relationships between drug use and crime using examples from the newspapers, internet, or other professional or public journals. Your conclusion should include a comparative analysis of these relationships from your perspective, indicating which one invokes the greatest social threat.

Bankruptcy Prediction

I am working on a graduate level paper about using "Discriminate Analysis and other models" in Bankruptcy prediction and having trouble understanding the basic concepts of the overall nature of this assignment. I understand that it involves comparing statistical analysis but most of my research on "discriminate analysis" is taki


Discuss the impact of cultural diversity on law enforcement practices. Identify and discuss trends in diversity in relation to the court and prison systems.


Do you agree or disagree with the argument that crime seriousness and prior criminal records are not legally relevant variables? Use references to support your answer. I need some ideas and suggestions. Thank you.

Do the current death penalty sentences fit the definition of arbitrary?

Black's Law Dictionary defines arbitrary as " an unreasonable manner, as fixed or done capriciously or at pleasure" (Black et al., 1991). In light of that definition, if the death penalty was outlawed for being arbitrary based on the lack of guidelines, does it stand to reason that current death penalty sentences fit the de

Theories of Corrections

You are the director of the probation and parole office in your county. The local paper is running an article on corrections and the types of theories that are used in modern prisons. Write a short summary article on the three theories of corrections. Consider the various prison systems and the focus of each. Summarize the artic

Law Multiple Choice Questions

1. The most well-known reference that covers citation form is commonly called: A. The Maroon Book. B. The Blue Book. C. Citation Form at a Glance. D. West's Annotated Guide to Citation Format. 2. A brief submitted by a nonparty with permission of the court is called: A. An