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Narcotics Operations Budget

Please see the attached file.

Consider the following:
You are the police chief and have received $150,000 in money seized from a major drug interdiction effort last fall. You must decide where the money will be spent.
For this discussion board, use the Narcotics Operations Budget that is provided as a reference for one current level of funding. Draft a memo to the city council addressing where you desire to spend the additional money. Explain your rationale for each expenditure.


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There are some strong guiding points. First, the money used must be to supplement narcotics operations. Second, this is a form of supplemental monies provided to help defray the costs of narcotics operations. Third, this money cannot be used to supplement general budget. Fourth, this money has been received for a major drug interdiction carried out last fall.

Taking a cue from the Narcotics Budget given to use we should allocate the monies received first to the ...

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The Narcotics Operations Budget is used as a guide for apportioning money received from narcotics operations.