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    History and Philosophy of Law

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    Discuss computer forensics.

    What do you consider to be the 3 most important computer-related forensics procedures necessary in processing evidence at the scene of a crime, and provide your reasoning of why these are the most important procedures. What do you consider to be the most important aspect of how a financial investigator must secure digital e

    frivolous lawsuits

    http://www.maryalice.com/Reform/frivolouslawsuits.asp THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY FRIVOLOUS LAWSUITS What is a frivolous lawsuit? The law defines a "frivolous" lawsuit as "presenting no debatable question" to the court. But there's certainly no debate for misbehaving defendants and their lobbyists - they often denounce le

    Food Law & Regulation

    The Fruit Pit Co. sells apricot pits packaged as a conventional food. Apricot pits contain amygdalin, which may have toxic effects similar to cyanide. Would there be different result if Fruit Pit extracted the amygdalin and added it to other foods for its bitter almond flavor? Why?

    Food Safety Modernization Act

    Pick one of the key provisions of the FSMA (except for FDA mandatory recall authority). Write on the impact of the new provision. What will be the impact (or lack of impact) and why? Please cite References.

    SmartDraw for Software Tool Fittings

    SmartDraw, how do you see this software tool fitting in with your daily tasks as a paralegal? If you are currently a paralegal, what tasks do you do now that might be made easier and more efficient through the use of SmartDraw? If you are not yet a paralegal, not to worry. How do you see it fitting in to what you will be doing a

    ethical violations

    Perry has been working as a bankruptcy paralegal for three years for the same firm. He interviews clients, prepares bankruptcy forms, arranges for these forms to be filed, communicates with the clients, and sees their cases through to the end. As most cases only require one appearance by a lawyer, Perry does ninety percent of th

    20th Century Legislation Movements and Juvenile Offenders

    The 20th Century paper describe a few important pieces of legislation or movements that shaped the treatment of juvenile offenders/delinquents. How have the movements contributed to the system in place today to deal with juveniles?

    This posting addresses if a law firm is like other firms.

    The ultimate question is, is law a business the same as any other, or because of the high degree of trust and confidence which is necessary is it a profession with different rules? If a profession, wouldn't the protection of the potential clients properly be the first concern, rather than the rights of the attorney?

    Attorney ethics

    Do you think lawyers that contact potential clients by mail, after an accident would be in bad taste?

    Using Technology for Daily Tasks, Continued Reliance on Technology

    How do you use technology for daily tasks? Reflect on your own use of technology and where you would be without it. What do you do or use now in your everyday life that even five years ago was a new technology but now you cannot do without? Describe the types of technology you use and how you use them. For example, do you use a

    This posting addresses the situation of Danny.

    Developing a trustworthy and long-term relationship with the clients is probably one of the main goals of the contemporary company. The management of the organization could develop a code of conduct, organize customer service seminars, and encourage valuing every customer. This is very important in the law firms when every case

    Articles on prisoner reentry into society

    I have been searching all over to find an article on prisoner reentry into society. I seem to can not find one. I need help on finding one so I can write a critique on this. Here is the assignment question investigate a peer reviewed professional journal for an article of interest related to prisoner reentry?

    Rule 1.6

    What does Rule 1.6 provide, exactly? Does it say that mentioning the names of parties constitutes a violation?

    Food Law Regulation

    Why do US consumers have or do not have a right to know whether a food contains an ingredient derived from rDNA techniques. Discuss reasons that apply to United States laws and regulations.

    Trade and Environment law

    Assignment question: International trade interacts with environmental issues in a complex manner, often posing threat to the natural and human environment. Trade has also been considered to be an ally to environment if environmental and social costs are internalised and there are more distribution of economic benefits of trade.

    What are the four types of prisons?

    - Identify the four types of prisons. - Explain the concept of prison as a total institution. - Explain why jails play an important role in the criminal justice system. - The role of community based corrections programs associated with jails and prisons. - Violent behavior (among prisoners, between inmates and

    Court system in America is overviewed.

    * the historical developments of the U.S. courts * outline the dual court system of the United States and analyze the correlation between the previously described historical developments and the dual court system of the United States.

    California Penal Codes: Parole Officers

    Please provide a link to site with information on California Penal Code Section 830.5, which regards parole officers, and provide a paragraph describing of the types of laws contained in this section.

    The issue of compliance is assessed

    Compliance Discussion:The case: THE COLLEGE AND GOVERNMENT Trespass Statutes and Ordinances State v. Schmid Supreme Court of New Jersey 84 N.J. 535, 423 A.2d 615 (1980) OPINION: The opinion of the Court was delivered by HANDLER, J.While distributing political literature on the campus of Princeton University, defendant C

    Adjust legal issue statements

    Find the flaws in the statements, no research on laws needed. For instance, if you do not know if the civil or probate law should be specified, just state that the specific law is needed. Answer the following questions for each statement: What is wrong with these issue statements? Also state what is needed to fix them?

    Respondeat superior

    Individuals assigned the role of plaintiff should post a well reasoned analysis to support the Plaintiffs in the case. Plaintiffs are required to post only ONE main analysis for your side of the case The Case of the Loose Keys A new and used car dealership hired Employee to perform various duties such as cle

    Effectiveness of punishment compared to rehabilitaion

    Debates the effectiveness of punishment compared to rehabilitation in relation to management of convicted offenders in prison and under community supervision. Formulate the basis of the debate on issues of punishment versus rehabilitation that address the following points: 1) deterrence of crime, 2) impact upon victims and vict


    Can you help me with the Shepardizing the citation for each case listed below help with the questions that follow? 566 A.2d 227: 1. What is the parallel citation for this case (i.e., the same case printed elsewhere)? Please help me understand how you can tell 2. How many cases give a positive t

    Medical Marijuana License

    Does obtaining a medical marijuana license effect anything, in terms of obtaining a position with the public? Filling out a HIPAA form ensures the confidentiality of your medical records, but you must also register with the state of CA, or any other states, to obtain your medical license card. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

    Law Review Article

    Locate two law review articles relevant to a topic of interest. For practice finding law review articles, locate the following article in Lexis and provide a synopsis of the article, as well as its proper Legal Bluebook citation for this week's written assignment. Locate: "Toward Real Workplace Equality: Nonsubordinat

    Introduction of Criminal Justice

    Evidence-based Policing: A summary describing evidence-based policing. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of evidence-based policing.

    Civil Commitment Overview

    How often is the insanity defense used and how successful is it? Identify and discuss the major criticisms of the insanity defense. When a mentally ill person is convicted and incarcerated, what are some of the difficulties in providing appropriate psychological treatment for these offenders? Be sure to support your answ

    InJuries and Negligence

    Case 1: Nova Southeastern University, Inc. v. Gross a. What is the institutions legal duty with respect to a student for whom it arranges an off campus internship or practicum? b. If the institution required the student to arrange her own internship or practicum, what would the institutions legal duty be? c. Is there a