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History and Philosophy of Law

Sentencing For Petty Theft Charges

Theft is defined as the taking of another person's property without that person freely giving consent. Any theft of items under a value of five hundred dollars is classified as petty theft. Because there are different types of theft that qualify as petty theft, there are several different charges that can be imposed. Charges can

Juvenile Offenders and their Constitutional Rights

What are constitutional rights that adult offenders have in their criminal case, but juvenile offenders do not? Can juvenile offenders be sentenced to the death penalty? Describe the circumstances, as they generally apply in most states, where juveniles can be treated as adults.

Antitrust Laws and the Federal Trade Commission Act: A Case Study

Memorial Hospital, a hospital in Bordertown, Iowa, has an agreement with Careco, a managed care organization with plan members in the states of Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota, to provide medical care to its members. A condition of Memorial's agreement states that Careco cannot contract with other hospitals in the Bordertow

Questions about Domestic Violence and Rape

1.) Who established the first safe-houses for battered women, as well as where and when these safe-houses were established? 2.) Who established the first rape crisis centers, as well as where and when these centers were established 3.) How the civil rights movement has contributed to anti-discrimination efforts and the e

Juvenile Delinquency in 1870

Peter is a 14-year-old boy living in New York in the year 1870. Peter has stolen a horse and has been arrested by local law enforcement. Discuss what life may have been like for Peter as a young person in America at this time. How were young people treated in everyday life, and how were their criminal actions handled? How wou

Hot Diggety Dogs case

Joan and Don own ?Hot Diggety Dogs,? (HDD) a vending cart business, which sells gourmet hot dogs on the Streets of Richmond, Virginia. The partners operate four hotdog carts scattered at various points in the downtown area close to the office and retail shops. They have a vendor?s license from the City to operate their busines

Criminal Law: Committee on Terrorism

Your boss was recently selected to speak to a congressional committee on terrorism. In preparation for his testimony, he asked you to write a memo of 2-4 paragraphs responding to the following question he will be asked: 1.) Explain and discuss the Patriot Act and the recent laws targeting terrorists. 2.) Should terrorism

Federal Contract and Contract Dispute Resolution

A company meets with the DoD concerning its idea and submits a proposal. Another company believes that the DoD should be competing and threatens to submit a protest to the GAO. What steps should the Contracting Officer take and why? Should the contract be awarded?

Procurement Law Question

This is a procurement law question: Vandy Inc.'s CEO was particularly proud of his firm's work supporting Special Agent Tom Know-it-All and the FBI in a recent sting operation. In fact, Vandy Inc. had provided numerous supplies and services to the FBI to assist it with its operation. Unfortunately, it now appears that Special Ag

Food Poisoning Scenario

An owner of a restaurant that serves tropical fish comes to you as an expert in seafood toxins with a problem. He received a letter from a legal firm representing a 50-year old male who claims he was a customer and ate at the restaurant 2 months ago. The man had diarrhea a few hours after eating a serving of barracuda, followed

Ethical Considerations in International Retailers

Dracca is prohibited from selling its Funny Bunny toys in the United States because they do not meet product safety guidelines. Because there is a high profit margin on these toys, Dracca sells them overseas via electronic contracts. Dracca offered 100 cartons of Funny Bunny toys to a retailer in Canada known as Northern Toys, L


Identify a legal description of date rape so that the person filling out the survey knows what types of behavior are being described. Identify services available to rape victims that may include support groups, advocates, counseling availability, and crime victim compensation availability in your area.(I live in St. Croix U.

Law: Copyright Infringement

Do you think that acknowledging the source of the copyrighted material can be substituted for obtaining permission or just changing one line of the color scheme is enough to prevent copyright infringement?

Infectious Disease Association of America

How would I make the case that the Infectious Disease Association of America has market power? This is in regards to an antitrust case by an attorney general against the Infectious Disease Association of America's development process for their Lyme disease treatment guidelines.


Part I: Assuming that the statement above is true that both terms do not literally mean the same thing, how does international criminal justice system differ from comparative criminal justice system? Explain the differences between a comparative criminal justice system and international justice system and how they are applied. P


Dan operates a factory that makes peanut butter in the City of Zealand. The factory has been making peanut butter for more than 50 years. Dan factory was located in an area zoned for factory use where 10 other factories were located. All of the other factories have closed. The factory emits smoke and the odor of peanuts. However


When iracing the issues. Please break apart each elements and prove it up based on the facts. Doug was watching television in his apartment. There was a loud party outside that was making it hard for Doug to watch television. Doug yelled out his window for them to quiet down, and Tom yelled back an obscenity to which Doug r

Apply IRAC for personal use.

Art and Betty are neighbors and live in an agricultural area. Art just recently had built a new red barn. In late January 2004, Betty asked Art on what terms he would build a barn on her property. Art said that because he had never built a barn for hire, he would charge Betty only $100 per square foot, about $10 more than his ex

Race and jury selection

Defendant Woodson is an African-American male accused of murdering a white female in an apartment burglary. During the jury selection process, Prosecutor Forbes exercises only two peremptory challenges, excusing from service the only two African-Americans in the jury. An all-white jury is eventually empanelled, and Defendant Woo

influence for design an individual tax system

Let's say there's a tournament with 10 participants. This is the only tournament of the year, and is the only source of income for each participant. There is $500,000 total prize money. How would you allocate the prize money among the participants (1st-10th) and why? How may this influence how you would design an individual tax

Hot coffee case

Prepare for the debate by completing the following: Go to Read the article "The Actual Facts about the McDonald's Coffee Case." argue that McDonald's did violate its obligation of care to the consumer by serving coffee at 185 degrees.

Case Analysis Using IRAC

Bob was receiving an award in two weeks and wanted a new suit. Bob went to his tailor, Ned, to see if he could get a suit made in time for the award ceremony. Ned took Bob's measurements. Bob then picked out a black fine wool fabric. Ned told Bob that the fabric was out of stock, but he would try to locate enough for the suit.

Policy Conditions

In providing assistance to the states, Washington has in the past attached "strings" that have dictated state legislation. For example, all states now require that individuals be at least 21 years of age to drink alcohol; states adopted such rules because Washington conditioned transportation aid on enacting tougher anti-drinkin

Rights are assessed.

Thomas Cascade retired from his law enforcement job and began painting portraits. He loved to paint and expanded his painting into landscapes. The Festival of Arts was coming to his hometown and Thomas was invited to exhibit his paintings. On Wednesday, September 1, Thomas went to the festival and displayed several of his landsc

Critical legal analysis of the law

Critical legal analysis of the law. This is not to say there is no body of established law or that there is no final legal result that comes about. When Clarkson says "no one right answer". The implication is that there are varied approaches with no single correct result. That does not mean that law is unpredictable. Therefore,

Common law contract analysis

1. Outline the checklist of issues and elements that you would use in a common law contract analysis. 2. Discuss the "business judgement rule". Whether it is overly protective and what would happen if the Courts were to ignore this rule. Please discuss.