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    Advantages and Disadvantages of the Legal Education

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    We learned that legal education continues to be criticized on several grounds. First, it shuns social science and neglects important considerations of race, class, gender, and other social variables. Second, it socializes students to be more politically conservative than when they began law school and, more specifically, orients them to the needs of corporations and other established interests rather than to the needs of the poor and people of non-Caucasian heritage. Third, legal education is said to be brutal for students and particularly alienating for women.

    What is your opinion of these arguments? Do you believe the legal education system encourages people to pursue careers in Cause Lawyering? Please support your opinion with at least one outside source.

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    The arguments made in your summary of legal education have been eloquently researched and proposed by Harvard law professor Duncan Kennedy who is the foremost expert on the theory that legal education is detrimental to society and law. Kennedy's book "Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchy: A Polemic Against the System", argues that legal education reinforces class, race, and gender inequality because of the structure of law schools. He argues that these law schools are merely training students for willing service in the corporate welfare hierarchies for the corporate welfare state that is existent in ...

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    Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchy: A Polemic Against the System is used as a reference to highlight the inequalities that exist as a result of the legal education system in America.