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    History and Philosophy of Law

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    Nigerian Fee Scams & International Court

    1. Topic #1: If you have an e-mail account, you may have received a message requesting that you help out the sender, who is typically linked to an African nation (most often Nigeria) as he attempts to recoup money that was due his family. This is known as "advance fee fraud" and involves a request for your bank account informat

    Human Practice of Science

    Not only have humans (like all other living creatures) had to make adaptations, changes and adjustments to survive and thrive, but we have had a profound impact on the lives of other creatures on Earth. Sometimes this has been a beneficial impact, but in many cases, it has been a disaster for the other creatures. Do some back

    Substantive Law & Rights Pertaining to Arrest

    Topic 1: Substantive law plays a role in the four legal traditions. Using what you have learned from the Unit readings, discuss what some similarities and differences are in substantive law as it appears in each of the four legal traditions. Topic 2: discuss the procedures used in other countries to inform people about th

    Mission Statement & Goals

    You are about to start work for a solo practitioner in a metropolitan area of about one million people. The office will be located just outside of the downtown area. The solo practitioner for whom you work engages in a general practice of law, but emphasizes civil practice and family law. She engages in almost no criminal defens

    Issues Regarding Patient Privacy

    Can you please give me some research, notes etc... for patient privacy? - Describe the issue and its impact on the population it affects most. - What arguments or facts support the proposed solution? - What are the ethical and legal issues reported by administrative issues? - Explain the managerial responsibilities related

    Transnational Crime in the United States

    1. How has the United States and other countries tried to combat transnational crime, and with what results? 2. Why is transnational crime so difficult to eradicate?

    Primary Source of Law in Legal Traditions and Islamic Legal Tradition

    Topic 1: Primary Source of Law in Legal Traditions There are four legal traditions outlined in the course text. Please identify them and describe the primary source of law in each legal tradition. Explain how legal traditions are different than legal systems. Topic 2: Islamic Legal Tradition The Islamic legal tradition has

    Medical Ethics

    What is the relationship between the organization's culture and ethical decision-making for Vanderbilt Medical Center?

    Three Steps of Causality Problem

    Ensuring that research is conducted following the principle guidelines is essential to the validity of the results produced. In saying this, researchers must be able to display the relationship between key variables and how these variables are isolated in order to explain the results. The scientific approach identifies these as

    Expectation of Law Enforcement 380 word essay with reference

    Expectations of law enforcement are often very high among the community they protect and serve. One way in which these communities evaluate how well their doing is through data collected during research. Discuss the common belief among researchers of the expectations of law enforcement agencies. Additionally, discuss whether

    Jailhouse Lawyers within Prison System 450 word essay with reference

    During time of incarceration, we commonly see inmates volunteer to serve as jailhouse lawyers who advise other inmates on possible courses of action for their pending case or appeals. Define and discuss the concept of jailhouse lawyers and who they are and what they represent within the prison system. Additionally, discuss

    Five Types of Sentencing Systems 500 word essay with reference

    The foundation of the American judicial system as it relates to a criminal trial is based on the sentencing of the judge hands down. Though five types of sentencing systems exist, each one has their own strength and weakness that must be identified by the prosecution and judge. Define and discuss the five types of sentencing

    Wegener and Continental Drift

    Using what you learned about plate tectonics, Alfred Wegener, and the basics of scientific investigation from the previous units discuss the following: Did Wegener reveal his theory of continental drift too soon? For the sake of scientific investigation, how is revealing an explanation for a process early both risky and somet

    America's Response to Terrorism

    Has America's response to terrorism been effective in reducing future foreign acts of terrorism against the United States? Has America's terrorism response infringed on the rights of American citizens? Why or why not? Provide examples to support your position.

    Knowing When an Arrest is Legal

    Review "When is an Arrest a Legal Arrest?" at the following site. Source: criminal.findlaw.com. Retrieved from http://criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-rights/when-is-an-arrest-a-legal-arrest.html Discuss what you learned from the reading and how it differs, if at all, from the conditions you had believed must be present for a

    Criminal Justice Ethics and Objectivity

    You and your partner are detectives working in plain clothes. For several days, you have been staking out an elementary school playground where an adult male reportedly has been approaching the children. One particular morning, you have observed a man in his car parked alongside the school yard. When he calls a little girl over

    Ethics in the Court

    A powerful city court magistrate engages in a number of questionable activities while on duty. A list of some of the activities includes the following: - Borrowing money from court employees - Publicly endorsing and campaigning for a candidate for judicial office - Conducting personal business from the court chambers -

    Measurement Practices Discussed in Daily Life

    "Measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be measured." Engage in a debate of what can and cannot be measured and explore differing systems of measurement. Measurement in your daily life: uses, tools, and challenges We use different forms of measurement throughout our daily lives, at home, at work, an

    Criminal Justice Ehtics

    You are a lieutenant in charge of an undercover strike force team, charged with the responsibility of apprehending fugitives from justice. Your team has been criticized by the local media for some of its members' actions in carrying out their responsibilities, such as using questionable methods that could be seen as potential vi

    Analyzing Criminal Justice Ethics

    Scenario: You have a deputy chief on your department who is a 27-year veteran, regarded by his peers as intelligent and by the press as affable. To his subordinates, he is a no-nonsense boss, quick to hold officers accountable when they do not produce results. As a high-ranking official in the department, he has the current and

    Criminal Justice Ethics

    You have a corrections officer who has worked in the county jail for 7 years. He has been described as a dedicated, competent employee, one who is well respected by colleagues and administrators alike. However, personal problems have arisen in his life. His wife is filing for divorce, and his daughter, contrary to his wishes, is

    History of Criminal Justice Ethics and Gratuities

    While at the academy many years ago, you were trained that it is against department policy to accept gratuities and discounts, half-priced meals, even a free cup of coffee on the grounds that "except for your paycheck, there's no such thing as an honest buck." In practice, however, things are less clear-cut. For example, it

    Informed Consent in Research 250 word essay with reference.

    Discuss and define 'informed consent' in criminal justice, as well as whether or not the Department of Health and Human Services guidelines of 1981 helped resolve the principal objections of field research to the informed consent issue. 250 words with reference.

    Ethical Conduct in Research

    Discuss regulating ethical conduct and researcher misconduct. 250 words with reference. Ethical conduct and research.