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Knowing When an Arrest is Legal

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Review "When is an Arrest a Legal Arrest?" at the following site.

Source: criminal.findlaw.com. Retrieved from http://criminal.findlaw.com/criminal-rights/when-is-an-arrest-a-legal-arrest.html

Discuss what you learned from the reading and how it differs, if at all, from the conditions you had believed must be present for a legal arrest to occur. What parts of the process did you find most interesting?

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This solution explains the conditions that must be present for an arrest to be legal and how the official conditions differ from the Expert's previously held beliefs about legal arrests.

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Although I knew that a police officer had to demonstrate some kind of "probable cause" before making an arrest, I learned that the definition of "probable cause" is a flexible standard that takes into account many factors. The rules governing when a police officer can make an arrest are derived from the Fourth Amendment which protects individuals from unreasonable searches and seizures... but upon probable cause. I ...

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