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    Detainment, formal arrest and custody

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    Explain the differences between detainment, arrest, formal arrest, and custody. Compose a brief, realistic scenario that illustrates each of these situations.

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    FORMAL ARREST: Formal arrest happens when you are caught breaking the law, handcuffed and told by the arresting officer what you are being arrested for. You are taken to jail where are you fingerprinted, photographed and held in detainment (which is temporary) until you make bail or the judge lets you be released through a court proceeding. Also, during a formal arrest you aren't always read your Miranda rights but are told that you are being arrested for whatever crime you have committed. Additionally, a formal arrest usually is the result of someone committing a misdemeanor offense if they have committed a criminal offense in the presence of an officer. There ...

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    An explanation of what detainment, being taken into custody and what formal arrest is. Also examined is how they are each different and what situations each time of arrest pertains to.