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    The Status Offender and its Impact on Juvenile

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    How would the system handled Juvenile status offender.

    What would be the the decision of the United State supreme Court? If a Juvenile was arrested and considered a false arrest and filed a civil action lawsuit against the arresting officer and city. Nothing was done in superior court then an appeal made to The U.S. Supreme court what decision would it gives to this case?. After making a decision and returning to a lower court and it finds no action for civil and that the officers had a right to arrest the juvenile. Now, explaining the status offender and the its impact on juvenile existing today?

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    A false arrest means that the juvenile has been unlawfully restrained without proper legal authority. Now, the onus lies on the juvenile to establish that he was arrested without proper legal authority. In case, the juvenile is able to establish that the intention of the officer was malicious then punitive damages may be awarded to the juvenile and he may get more money. Otherwise only nominal damages may be awarded. ...

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