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History and Philosophy of Law


Why are proposals important? What do you think should be included in proposals? Why do we need proposals?

Delinquency Theories/Psychological and Sociological Theories

Apply 2 psychological theories and 2 sociological theories to each of the following three delinquent acts: shoplifting, breaking and entering a home, and car jacking Here are the following theories I can chose from: Psychological Theories: Behavioral Theory Psychodynamic Theory Social Learning Theory Cognitive Theory

Other Influences and the History of Juvenile Justice.

Do TV shows glorify drug use and encourage youths to enter the drug trade? Should all images of drinking and smoking be banned from TV? What about advertisements that try to convince youths how much fun it is to drink beer or smoke cigarettes?

Juvenile Delinquency & Prevention

A child's social, community, and environmental relations are thought to exert a powerful influence on their involvement in delinquent activities. Kids who fail at home, at school, and in the neighborhood are considered prone to sustaining delinquent careers over the life course. Research indicates that chronic, persistent offend

Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency

Search the Internet to find two websites that promote community involvement in the prevention of juvenile delinquency. Provide the hyperlinks to these sites and a brief explanation of each. 1. What are their beliefs? Are they appealing to youths and/or adults? 2. Is the program linked to a school? What does the program ent

Delinquency Theories

Can delinquent behavior be deterred by the threat of punishment? If not, how can it be controlled? Explain.

Juvenile Criminal Justice

1. Older citizens report less victimization than teens. What reasons could help account for such a wide disparity in victimization? Explain. 2. Discuss some reasons why youths engage in high risk behaviors. 3. Are juveniles rational actors who weigh the costs and benefits of their actions, or are they more impulsive and

Criminal Justice System

How much will the implementation of technology and further capabilities of the Internet affect the traditional criminal justice system in the 21st Century? In your answer, address each component of the system and the need, if any, for education, training, and salary of each.

Third party liability

Mike buys for Sally, his girlfriend, a car before his trip overseas. He buys the car at Ace Autos. Ace Autos is to deliver the car to Sally within seven days. Mike signs the contract and prepays. Mike then leaves the country for his trip. Ten days have gone by and the car has not been delivered. Sally is not able to get in touch

Corrections roles are featured.

Are the lives of prison inmates reflective of the society at large? Locate articles on this topic. In your groups, compare the lifestyles of women and men in correctional institutions to life outside the prison walls. Address the roles of correction officers in the prison "society," the growth of litigation concerning prison

Issue of Quorum

Assuming there are no provisions in the corporation's articles of incorporation or bylaws regarding quorum requirements, if there are 13 total directors of General Gains Corporation and the minimum number of directors are present to transact business, how many votes normally would be necessary for those present to pass a motion

Business Law

George owns 500 of the 5000 shares outstanding of General Myopics. GM plans to issue 600 new shares. If George has preemptive rights, he may: a. buy all 600 shares before anyone else. b. buy 600 shares at the same price he paid for the other stock. c. buy 60 shares before anyone else. d. buy 6 shares at a disco

Case study for Lawyer Ann Adams and paralegal Ben Burns is embedded.

Lawyer Ann Adams and paralegal Ben Burns have been hired by client Carl Carlson to sue a grocery store where Carl, who is 85, fell down when he Slipped in a puddle of water in the produce aisle. Ann delegates the task of preparing the complaint to Ben. Ben miss-calendars the date that the answer must be filed and the statute of

Paralegal case is articulated.

Karen Kent is a paralegal working on a large document production. Karen has no idea what the case is about but is asked to review and stamp some documents that will be copied and produce for the opposing counsel. What kind of documents should Karen look for that might legitimately be withheld? What is the best way to "fl

Evelyn Ellerbe, a paralegal, is featured.

Evelyn Ellerbe is a paralegal who works for an estate planning lawyer Timothy Taft. An elderly client, Sam Stone, comes in after his wife ides to have his will rewritten. It turns out that he is a neighbor of Evelyn, who takes a liking to Sam and begins to help him out by stopping by his house once or twice a week with groceries

A paralegal case study is proposed.

Evan Eldridge is a paralegal working for Matilda Moniker, who handles lots of small lawsuits that often go to trial. Matilda asks Evan to contact opposing counsel in six cases and to tell them that she is ill and cannot take depositions as scheduled. Then she asks Evan to draft requests for continuances in three other cases, als

Reporting Co-workers for Poor Performance

Ellen Ellerby, a paralegal with Frankline & Gainsborough, works closely with another paralegal, Harry Henderson. IN the last few months, Ellen has noticed that Harry is late to work a lot and is getting behind in his workload. He seems a little forgetful and disoriented. When they have time to talk during lunch one day, Harry co

Billing Case Scenario - What should Wendell do?

Wendell gets disgusted with the ethics at Xaviar & Young and decides to go to work for a large law firm that has a litigation department handling major lawsuits. This firm, Allison & Beals, has billing guidelines that require paralegals to put n 1800 billable hours a year. 1. If it takes eight hours on the job to produce sev

Policing - Do you agree that for police action to be "just," it must recognize the rights of individuals while holding them accountable to the social obligations defined by law?

1. Do you agree that for police action to be "just," it must recognize the rights of individuals while holding them accountable to the social obligations defined by law? Support your position. 2. Have the courts provided adequate protection to citizens against overzealous police officers? In which areas of search and seizure

Liberty, Rights and Due Process

Your field training officer (FTO) feels that you need to be more familiar with the exceptions to the search warrant requirement in amendment rights. In fact, he admits to having only a limited amount of knowledge concerning the various exceptions. He directs you to research the issue. 1. Select one exception you agree with an

Liberty, Rights and Due Process

Your supervisor calls you into the office and tells you that the local police department always asks and agent to provide the following if giving a training class; 1. What information you would provide to a group of cadets relative to the federal criminal rights a defendant has under The Bill of Rights?

The Future of the Correctional Service

1. Discuss the future of corrections as you see it? An option to consider may be: Will corrections become more community oriented and demand that offenders repay victims more often? 2. Will corrections become more dependent on incarceration as people tire of crime and spending money on alternative programs? 3. What about man

The future of corrections - Privatization

As part of the review of the overall corrections program in your state, the Department of Corrections is also considering the large expenditures of supporting and operating prisons. The committee has heard of other areas contracting for prisons, and is interested to know if this is a feasible and legal option. 1. Does it make

Investigating Correctional Systems is achieved.

Probation and Parole officers typically have a larger caseload than can be properly managed. Smith is not the only offender that is in your files. The judge has sent you a file on an offender who is waiting to be sentenced for property crimes. He wants an alternative to simple incarceration, and is allowing the victims some inpu

Investigating Correctional systems

Prisons are populated by a large percentage of inmates guilty of a drug crime, or a drug related offense. Since Pete Smith has used drugs in the past, you are not certain that the influences of the general population at a prison are best for either Smith or society. You decide to get some advice from another officer. 1. Why do

Communications Network in CJS & the Media

You have a nephew in high school that e-mails you and asks for your help with a school project about the media. Specifically, he has asked for help regarding how the media is utilized by law enforcement in his community. Reply to your nephew's e-mail and give him information regarding how law enforcement can use the media and ot