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History and Philosophy of Law

Property Law and Charities - Websites

"Critically evaluate the bases upon which the courts have sought to restrict the involvement of charities in the political process." I don't know which direction to take with this problem. I have tried researching it and only found information on charitable trusts which I think only relate to a small portion of this topic. Any

Theories of crime are presented.

On the basis of some criminological and psychological theories, explain how mental disorders and psychological risk factors can lead to outbreaks of criminal activity!

Gender issue are embodied.

What is the difference between Human Rights and Legal Rights? And how do cultural norms fit into the overall conception of Human Rights in the context of universalism and relativism exemplified in the area of gender issues?

Law question involving a wrongly accused female of molesting a 10 year old daughter. The young girl was manipulated into telling the story from her biological mother. The case went to court.

I need a LAW, RULING, etc. that allows a wrongly accused person (in this case female)of sexually molesting a 10 yr old girl to be allowed to see that girl supervised by child's father. The unjustly persecuted woman was accused by her fiancee's ex-wife. ---There were never any charges brought against the accused. ---The accu