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    The future of corrections - Privatization

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    As part of the review of the overall corrections program in your state, the Department of Corrections is also considering the large expenditures of supporting and operating prisons. The committee has heard of other areas contracting for prisons, and is interested to know if this is a feasible and legal option.

    1. Does it make economic sense?
    2. Are there constitutional issues, and if so, how are they being addressed?
    3. What are the big names in prison privatization, and how they impacted corrections?

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    Solution Summary

    By responding to the three questions, this solution debates public vs. privatization of corrections e.g., does it make economic sense, are there constitutional issues, and if so, how are they being addressed, as well as how the current prison privatization has impacted corrections. Supplemented with an article on privatization and references are also provided.