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Ethical or unethical scenario

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Coach Sharon Youngblood works as an athletic coach and recruiter for Florida State University. Athletic competitions and the recruitment of athletes require Sharon to do a great deal of traveling. The university reimburses Sharon for her travel expenses. Sharon joined a frequent-flyer program and has been receiving credit for her business travels as an athletic coach. Solely because of the mileage accumulated from her business travels, Sharon will soon be eligible for a free trip anywhere in the continental United States. She very much wants to travel to Seattle, Washington, over her Christmas vacation to visit her parents. Sharon is considering using her free ticket for this personal trip but is not sure whether it would be ethical to do so.

What do you think? Should Sharon use her frequent-flyer miles for the personal trip? Why or why not? If you were her employer, what would your position be?

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I do not think that it is ethical for Sharon to use her free ticket for a personal trip. Although Sharon is the one who signed herself up for the frequent mileage program (without probably authorization from her employer), the flights that she takes are for the sole purpose of business. Sharon ...

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A situation is given and determine if it's an ethical or unethical scenario.

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