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Standards of Ethical Behavior

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Select the answer that is most correct and write a brief, 150-word essay to provide a rationale for your choice. This activity allows you to demonstrate your understanding of ethical principles, the organizational and societal implications of ethical behavior, and the functioning of ethical systems within organizations.

Scenario: Sally has been in charge of the Atlanta division for Thomas Industries for several years. She has decided to educate her people on the basic standards of ethical behavior. She should start by:
a) Treating her own employees with the same respect and care reserved for the more valued customers.
b) Listing the behaviors that she finds objectionable and creating an informative memo.
c) Launching a promotional campaign throughout the facility that includes posters and handouts.
d) Hold a series of lectures on ethical behavior.
e) Provide voluntary training sessions for all interested employees.

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d) Hold a series of lectures on ethical behavior.

These are the main points you would likely want to cover in your answer selection:

In this scenario, the manager would likely want to hold a series of lectures on ethical behavior. In business settings, there are many employees who simply aren't ...

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