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    Ethics Standards

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    Every day we all have decisions to make that depend on us doing the right or wrong thing. It's not always easy to do the right thing. Assume that you accept the following ethical rule: "Failure to tell the whole truth is wrong." In the textbook illustration about Jorge's problem with Kathy's instructions, (a) what would this rule require Jorge to do and (b) why is an unalterable rule like this classified as an element of imperative ethical theory?

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    (a) What would this rule require Jorge to do?

    Try and think of the rule as a blueprint to following in most situations if not in all types of instances where telling the truth is the primary goal. Thus, the vantage point of Jorge is to state the truthful facts in a straightforward way without any embellishment that reinforces the ethical rule. In a business environment, the ethical standards reflect a measure of integrity and honesty in dealing with ...

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    The investigation into the ethics standards in regards to a particular business case study reviewing behaviors and decision making.