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    Relevant Costing and Short-Run Decision Making

    Management accounting looks at how to provide the most appropriate financial information to managers for decision-making. One key part of this task is to identify relevant costs and benefits to a decision. Common decisions made in organizations that require relevant cost information are “make or buy decisions,” “adding or dropping a product line,” “special orders,” and “sell or process further” decisions.

    Relevant Costs: In management accounting, we use the terms “avoidable cost” and “differential cost” to mean this same thing. Avoidable costs are costs that can be eliminated (in whole or in part) by choosing one alternative over another. Sunk costs and future costs that do not differ between alternatives are irrelevant costs.

    Sunk Costs: Past costs that have already been incurred and cannot be changed. As a result, they are no longer relevant in decision-making. For example, imagine a company invested $10,000 in a project, which they intended to sell for $10,000 when completed, but it has gone over cost. In fact, the project will still take an additional $5,000 to complete. If we include the original $10,000 in determining whether we should abandon the project, we would conclude, incorrectly, that we would have to spend $15,000 and only get $10,000 back. However, we only have to spend $5,000 more to make $10,000, so we should not abandon the project.

    Opportunity Costs: Costs that are not directly incurred, however, they represent forgone benefits if an alternative is chosen. For example, when you go to college or university, you not only pay tuition and buy books, but you also forgo the money you could have made if you were working. This forgone income is considered an opportunity cost of getting an education.

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    Adding and Dropping a Product Line

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    Decisions to add or drop product lines are based on the impact that products have on operating income. When managers consider dropping a product line, they look to determine what costs they can avoid by doing so.

    Make or Buy Decisions

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    Most companies do not carry out every activity along the value chain. Deciding whether to make or buy an input to the manufacturing process or to sell is based on a comparison of costs.

    Special Orders

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    Special orders are one-time orders that businesses have the opportunity to fulfill outside of their normal business operations. Deciding whether a special order should be accepted or not, and at what price, is an important decision for managers.

    Sell or Process Further Decisions

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    When a single input or raw material creates multiple products, these products are known as joint products. Deciding what to do with a product from the split-off point forward is known as a sell or process further decision.

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    Ortiz Manufacturing: Relevant Costs

    Ortiz manufacturing is considering developing and marketing one of two new products. Which items are relevant to Ortiz's decision about which of these productes it will launch?

    Relevant Costs: Reduced Selling Price

    What relevant costs might you consider in deciding whether to accept an order at a reduced selling price? What costs would you not consider when making your decision? Why are these costs not relevant?

    Differential analysis involves knowing which costs are relevant.

    Lewis Company (accounting information on attachment) receives an offer to make a new product, called C, for a new customer. The customer wants to buy 1,100 units. Product C has the same cost structure as product B with three exceptions. The new customer is only willing to pay $180 per unit, direct materials costs will decrease b

    Decision Making Relevant Costs and Benefits

    1. Vernazza Pizza's owner bought his current pizza oven four years ago for $10,000 and it has one more year of life remaining. He is using straight-line depreciation for the oven. He could purchase a new oven for $1,400 but it would last only one year. The owner figures the new oven would save him $1,500 in annual operating expe

    Diehl Company - relevant costs

    For many years, Diehl Company has produced a small electrical part that it uses in the production of its standard line of diesel tractors. The company's unit product cost for the part, based on a production level of 60,000 parts per year, is as follows: Per Part Total Direct materials $ 5 Direct labor

    Relevant costs problems

    1.A copier company has been using the same Copier A for 5 years. This copier can copy approximately 50 sheets a minute. The company has an opportunity to purchase a new Copier B that can process approximately 60 sheets a minute. The old machine will continue to be used for jobs that arenâ??t rush jobs. The new machine will crea

    Relevant Costs and Differential Analysis

    Coastal Community Bank paid $50,000 for a check sorting machine in January 2005. The machine had an estimated life of 10 years and annual operating costs of $40,000, excluding depreciation. Although management is pleased with the machine, recent technological advances have made it obsolete. Consequently, as of January 2009, the

    E13-9 Segment disposition; E13-11 Sell or process further; E13-10 relevant costs

    Exercise 13-9 Dropping or Retaining a Segment Thalassines Kataskeves, S.A., of Greece makes marine equipment. The company has been experiencing losses on its bilge pump product line for several years. The most recent quarterly contribution format income statement for the bilge pump product line follows: Thalassines Katask

    Relevant Costing

    Relevant Costing Poor Decision making may result when acceptable prices are determined by adding a fixed percentage to the "full cost" of a product when that "full cost" includes a unitized fixed cost. Any selling price above the contribution margin will add to the wealth of the firm. This being the case , is there a danger i

    Relevant Costs:introducing a new product, breakeven point

    Macready Company is considering introducing a new compact disc player model at a price of $ 105 per unit. Macready's controller has compiled the following incremental cost information based on an estimate of 120,000 units of sales annually for the new product Direct materials cost $ 3,600,000 Direct labo

    Cost of Preferred Stock Problem

    .current selling price of preferred stock $40 .current dividend @ share $4 .to issue new preferred stock, flotation costs are 5% of selling price .company's marginal tax rate 30% What is relevant cost of new preferred stock? $4/($40-5%) = 10.53%. Do I need to include the marginal tax rate in the relevant cost?

    Relevant Costs: Introducing a New Product, and Breakeven Point

    See attached file. Macready Company is considering introducing a new compact disc player model at a price of $ 105 per unit. Macready's controller has compiled the following incremental cost information based on an estimate of 120,000 units of sales annually for the new product Direct materials cost $ 3,600,000 Direct

    Identification of Relevant Costs: Go to symphone or baseball game

    Paul and Paula Petroceli were trying to decide whether to go to the symphony or to the baseball game. They already have two nonrefundable tickets to â??Pops Night at the Symphonyâ? that cost $40 each. This is the only concert of the season they considered attending because it is the only one with the type of music they

    Relevant Costing Problem: Westcost Air Company

    I am having major difficulties understanding the assignment that is pasted below. If someone could help me compile some initial work (in APA format) of the details down at the bottom, that would be great. I could understand the lesson more thoroughly. Thank you to the OTA who can assist me. ------------------------- Rele

    Descsion making relevant costs

    A 50% markup is standard in this industry so that Pecos must sell to distributors below $400 per printer to keep the retail price below the industry top of $600 ($400 * 150% = $600). Paul Pecos, the founder and CEO of Pecos Printers, wants to keep the price to distributors as low as possible so he has carefully engineered his m

    Relevant Costs for Replacing a Boat

    A bat costing 108K is wrecked. It can either be disposed of for 11K and replaced with a similar boat for 110K, or rebuilt for 98K. What is the net relevant cost of replacing the boat? Need actual answer.

    Relevant Costs for Business Decisions

    Please provide some assistance in fully understanding Relevant Costs for Business Decisions. Need step by step assistance as textbook is not very explicit and must prepare for final examinations. QUESTION #1 Chef-Mate is considering adding a gelato machine to its line of ice cream making machines and will negotiate its price

    Relevant Costing, Buy or manufacture, Variable Costing

    Question 1: Problem 7-10 Variable Costing Income Statement; Reconciliation [LO2, LO3] During Denton Company's first two years of operations, the company reported absorption costing net operating income as follows: Year 1 Year 2 Sales (at $50 per unit) $ 1,000,000 $ 1,500,000 Cost of goods sold: Beginni