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    Product planning: Calculate operating profit; maximize profits

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    A company is currently operating at 80 percent capacity.

    (sales in millions)
    North South East West

    Sales $30 $40 $20 $10
    Less variable cost ($12) ($8) ($21) ($8)
    Contribution margin $18 $32 ($1) $2
    Less fixed costs ($9) ($12) ($6) ($3)
    Operation profit (loss) $9 $20 ($7) ($1)

    A. What is the current operatng profit for the company as whole?

    B. Assuming that all fixed cost are unavoidable, if company eliminated the unprofitable segments, what would be the new operating profit for the company as a whole be?

    C. What options does management have to maximize profits?

    D. What qualitative factors do you think management should consider before making this decision?

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