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    Criminal Justice

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    Your supervisor informs you that your department will have a significant amount of extra funds available at the end of the year. These funds must be spent before the formulation of the next year's budget. Your supervisor tasks you to write a proposal for a single technology purchase that should be bought with these funds. Using the Library and other available resources, research a recent technological advancement that could be used to aid your department in any area, including the following:
    ? officer safety
    ? communication
    ? forensic investigation
    ? public safety
    ? organization
    ? case management
    Assess the benefit your department could expect to gain by employing this technology. In your proposal, be sure to include the following:
    ? brief history of the technology
    ? purpose of this technology
    ? description of how this technology is implemented
    ? explanation of how the technology could change
    (3-4 pages)

    Instructor Comments:
    In your response you must identify and define a single technology for purchase that could aid the department in a specific area. Be sure to state the specific area as well as the application of the technology.
    An in-depth explanation of the technology should be( provided in addition to its history and purpose.
    Also, you must give a description of how the technology is implemented as well as an explanation of how the technology could change.
    Lastly, explain how the specific advancement has changed the field of criminal justice and may continue to do so.

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    The technology that I am proposing that must be purchased by my department is the latest police records management system. A records management system is a multi-user, network ready system that automates all of the common record keeping functions of a police department. The records management system computerizes all record keeping activities from the time the first phone call is received to the final disposition of a case. It keeps all records of offenders till they are sent to custody.
    The history of record management systems has started since relational databases were commercially launched. The improvement of the records management system since has been impressive. The presently available software will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our police department. The software will enable quick information sharing, security of documents, and enable increased reporting The presently available records management systems are of a scalable size, have tightly linked modules, and enable powerful searches.
    The records management system can be linked to mobile data computers in patrol cars and from a car the department personnel can perform queries about individuals to find their records management system record. These same services can be provided from police stations by using computers. One of the purposes of the records management system is that the department members have available all forms and reports in their mobile units and can transmit these reports electronically. The department selects reports and these are forwarded automatically to other areas of the department and to outside ...

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