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    police communication interoperability

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    You attend the annual Criminal Justice Symposium at the local convention center and are lucky enough to listen to a guest lecture entitled Police Communication Interoperability: Working Together for Public Safety. The Monday after the conference, your supervisor asks you to create a presentation to share what you learned with your coworkers.

    Create a professional powerpoint slideshow presentation with notes, to inform your colleagues about police communication interoperability.

    Begin your presentation with an introduction that provides an overview of police communications interoperability. Provide information to inform your coworkers regarding the following details:
    ? why interoperability is important
    ? what technology is involved
    ? how it could benefit the public in your area
    Include a conclusion summarizing the main points of your presentation.

    Instructor Comments:
    Your response must be professional in both appearance and content.

    Provide a definition of police communication interoperability and give least two examples to illustrate that concept.

    Provide a discussion on at least three reasons why interoperability is important. Be specific and thorough in identifying and explaining your response.

    Also, provide a discussion on what technology is involved as well as on how it could benefit the public in your area.

    Include a conclusion summarizing the main points of your presentation.

    a reference list and the appropriate in-text citations.

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