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    Ethical Issue Regarding BP and the Oil Spill Disaster

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    Do you feel it was ethical that BP had to put aside a 20 billion dollar fund for gulf victims of the oil rig disaster? Why or why not? What models did you use to reach your conclusion?

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    Hello: Here is my response to your problem. As is my style of teaching, I gave you a general background, my own opinion of the problem, and reasons for it. Please keep in mind that this response acts as a guide for you to arrive at your own opinion and the reasons supporting such opinions. There is a reference in the last question regarding "models." Since I do not have your textbook, I was not so clear what "models" referred to. However, in my response to my opinion, I rely on the theory of corporate social responsibility as being critical for future corporations. You can integrate whatever model for your own conclusion but don't forget to include the "why" or "why not" the model supports your conclusion. Thank you and good luck!

    The environmental impact of the BP oil rig disaster is still unknown. However, the prognosis of scientists ...

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    This is a response to questions regarding BP's oil spill disaster and the ethical issue surrounding the gulf victims' fund. The response provides a general background, with the OTA's own opinion of the problem, and reasons for it. This response acts as a guide for the students to arrive at their own opinions and the reasons supporting such opinions.