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    The BP Oil Spill: The Challenges Ahead

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    What is your interpretation of what happened in the BP oil spill and how does this impact their leadership in the various organizations involved?

    Please give as much detail as possible.

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    The disaster that happened with BP on April 20, 2010 was a clear indication that the oil drilling company underestimated the risks involved in this kind of venture. It failed to install roper safety devices or invest in infrastructure required of a drilling operation.

    The group to be blamed here are the BP executive themselves. They became complacent in the gains they have for the past decade.

    The disaster negated its peripheral vision of "actively engaging with emerging clean energy companies".

    This issued created doubts on the capability of the company to manage disasters. It is losing it hold as the leading oil and gas company in the world.

    To regain its reputation, the company is now on PR Blitzkrieg!

    Additional facts of the disaster:

    Causes of the oil spill were that "the oil rig Deep water Horizon had malfunctioned. (Brown, http://www.luxecoliving.com/lifestyle/the-bp-oil-spill-what-happened-and-who%E2%80%99s-to-blame/)

    The large numbers of gallons of dispersants utilized to split up the dripping oil on its own is ecologically harmful. The possibility that the failure took place in any way and uncontrollable the way it did also increases the a lot of questions with regards to deep water exploration as well as the capacity of engineering ingenuity to maintain up the oil resources through discovering a lot more marginal areas.

    Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - News broke that an explosion occurred at 11 p.m. EST on BP's Deep water Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, ...

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    This solution details the events within BP leading to the oil spill. It discusses also strategies done by the company to regain its reputation.