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    BP Oil Spill

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    In considering the BP Oil Spill, what circumstances would ethically justify a government or private company in restricting information made available to the public during a disaster? At what point might other companies have an ethical right to intervene regarding environmental disasters? Your response must be at least 200 words with APA format references.

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    In 2010, an oil drilling platform off the Gulf on Mexico exploded. As a result of this incident, there were eleven casualties and the fire subsequently burned for a day and a half before the rig finally sank. The fossil fuels in the rig leaked into the Gulf of Mexico. This rig was owned by BP, and was the largest oil spill in the history of the United States. (1).

    In the event that accurate information about the disaster cannot be obtained, the government or private company can ethically restrict the information made available to the public. There may be moral and ethical obligations to the wildlife and the environment that have been ...

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    A BP oil spill is examined. The Ethical circumstances are provided. The solution is answered in 355 words with three references cited.