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    The BP Oil Spill: Prevention and Considerations

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    Select an issue, opportunity, or problem facing your organization. (THE BP OIL SPILL)

    - What are the research questions?
    - What are the hypotheses?
    - What variables are to be considered?
    - What ethical considerations must you take into account?

    Discuss the significance, scope, magnitude and feasibility of finding a solution to the issue, opportunity, or problem.
    Define the purpose of the research.
    APA guidelines.

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    How can major oil spills be prevented in the future?

    What can be done to reduce the length of time that oil spills into the environment during an oil spill?


    If more safety and monitoring precautions are taken within the petroleum industry, then a great deal more oil spills will be prevented in the future.

    If better capping and cleanup technology is developed and implemented, then the length of time that oil spills into the environment will be significantly reduced.

    Variables: The quality of the training of the staff that man oil rigs etc., the number of crew members working on oil rigs, the age and physical condition of the oil rigs, the age and physical condition of the pipelines, what technology is utilized in monitoring oil pipelines, the safety procedures that are conducted on oil rigs, how often oil pipelines are inspected, the condition of the seafloor that is being drilled, how adequate explosion prevention methods are, what procedures are in place to prevent explosions, how often are explosion prevention procedures analyzed for effectiveness, how effective are the methods of capping a leaking oil line, what methods are in place to continuously improve the speed by which leaking ...