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Discounts/Price Discrimination and Microsoft Issues

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1. A number of cases in recent years pit independent operators (such as independent video stores, neighborhood bookstores and local pharmacies) against national chains (such as Blockbuster, Barnes & Nobles and big hospitals). They present a basic philosophical and policy issue: Should we use antitrust laws to protect small business? Or should we simply accept the dictates of the market?


2. The Microsoft Anti-Trust case was interesting. Did the government go too far or not far enough in restricting Microsoft in that case? Review the following links and consider:




3. Should American companies refuse to do business in countries
a. That do not practice democracy?
b. That routinely practice discrimination?
c. That tolerate or even encourage the abuse of children? Explain.

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The discount/prices for discrimination and Microsoft Issues are examined.

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1. The dictates of the markets are acceptable if the capitalistic system is acceptable. As a society, the public must decide if they wish to continue toward the path wherein corporations are considered (people) by the United States Supreme Court and able to exert power and influence on the legislative branch. Anti-trust laws in theory protect small businesses, but as long as the corporations are able to circumvent measures to control their largesse and hubris by lobbying and providing campaign contributions to elected officials, the situation will remain the same. Profit is placed above all and no person within the framework of politics or business is immune, including ...

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