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List the names of the some companies that are in monopoly business. Explain whether a monopoly could increase its revenue and its profits by charging different prices to different groups of customers. Give a numerical example to illustrate your point OTHER THAN SENIOR DISCOUNTS.

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Public utilities are often strongly regulated or publicly owned. AT&T and Standard Oil are debatable examples of the breakup of a private monopoly. When AT&T was broken up MCI, Sprint, and other companies were able to compete effectively in the long distance phone market and began to take phone traffic from the less efficient AT&T.

Price discrimination exists when sales of identical goods or services are ...

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Effects of monopolies on society are noted.

Details: There are many different types of monopolies which exist within the market. you are going to talk about the different kind of monopolies, their place in the market, and their effect on society. please discuss the following:

- Define a monopoly.
- Find two examples of monopolies and they cannot be the same type of monopoly (no choosing two government monopolies for example).
- Briefly describe what makes your examples a monopoly.
- How did they become a monopoly?
- What effect does that monopoly have on the market?
- What effect does that monopoly have on society, if any?

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