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    Earthquake preparedness in the public administration

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    The committee will need to propose policies on training and education for earthquake preparedness. Both the organization's employees and the public will need education and training for the earthquake preparedness plan to be truly effective.

    - How will the organization address training for employees? Explain in detail.
    - How should the public be trained and educated on earthquake preparedness? Explain in detail.

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    How will the organization address training for employees? Explain in detail

    In a town like Santa Barbara, earthquakes are a way of life. Most are fairly minor, but, given the sheer number of fault running through the region, major quakes are predicted in the near future. The most important aspect of preparedness is to assess what exactly could or would happen in the event of an earthquake. This differs depending on the age and structure of the building, the existence of any toxic chemicals that might be released and the size of the building.

    FEMA and related agencies have developed training programs and checklists for every possible kind of organization. In this section, we will deal with the general elements of employee training. In the next, more specific steps will be detailed. While many agencies offer training programs, that should not be considered a substitute for occasional drills.

    There should always be a group of people, fairly small, who become safety officers. Earthquakes are unique in that they can occur without warning. The team should assume that any safety efforts will take place within the building. There will be no time for escape once it begins.

    Drills are needed every once in a while, perhaps twice a year. Here, the safety officers will lead the rest of the employees in their duties in the event of a major earthquake. Basic preparedness variables include: location of heavy objects. These should not be placed on high shelves, but should be at ground level. Objects like water heaters should be secured. If the ...

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