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Four Levels of Emergency Service & Patient's Bill of Rights

1. Describe the four levels of emergency services.

2. What laws govern the provision of emergency services?

3. What is a patient's Bill of Rights?

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1. The four levels of emergency management are:
1. Mitigation
2. Preparedness
3. Response
4. Recovery

In Mitigation you are attempting to prevent future emergencies or you are attempting to minimize their effect. This takes place before and after an emergency. It can include things such as buying flood or fire insurance.

In Preparedness you are preparing to be able to handle an emergency. This includes making evacuation plans. This happens before the emergency.

During the Response phase you are responding to the emergency safely. You are attempting to save lives and to avoid more damage. This happens during the emergency.

During the Recovery phase you are taking actions to return things to normal. This happens after an emergency.

Now, if you are looking for emergency medical services the levels are as follows:
1. First Responder
2. EMT Basic
3. EMT Advanced
4. EMT Paramedic

The certified First Responder has successfully completed an approved First Responder Course which is typically 40-60 hours in length. First ...

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This solution addresses the four levels of emergency services and what laws govern the provision of emergency services. It also discusses a patient's Bill of Rights and why it is important.