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    Discussing the Global Response to the Crisis in Haiti

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    The recent earthquake in Haiti required a major international response to the event. Despite the outpouring of money, supplies and food, the victims suffered needlessly due to failures by the relief agencies to coordinate efforts and communicate. Identify failures of international groups to effectively respond and discuss ways in which the response could have been better coordinated (for example, effectively moving medical supplies, food and water to the victims).

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    The disaster in Haiti in January 2010 was a cataclysmic event that devastated an already devastated country. Since Haiti gained its independence from France in the late 18th century, the country has been ostracized and excluded by the primary white European countries that were frightened that their slaves would also revolt and gain human dignity and independence such as Haiti did. Haiti was the first and only Black republic to gain its independence through its own means. Therefore, after they defeated the most powerful nations during the late 18th century including France and other nations that were providing support to France, they were required to pay the equivalent of trillions of dollars in today's currency to the countries that they defeated in one of the greatest extortion attempts in the history of the world.

    They reluctantly agreed under the threat of another invasion and attempt to re-subjugate them back into slavery by France. This decision has been disastrous ever since because it ...

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