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Poverty through natural disaster or economic issues discussed

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Whether by natural disaster or economic issues, poverty remains an issue in other countries such as Haiti.

1). Watch The Aid Dilemma video from http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/haiti-aid/ and discuss whether you think that our efforts, though well intentioned, are doing what we intend.

2). What are the pros and cons to the way we give aid, or apply behavioral science principles to such countries as Haiti?

3). Discuss the statement: "Global problems are everyone's problems."

Min. of 250 - 300 words. Support your discussion with a minimum of one scholarly reference and cited with APA format.

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1) Although our efforts are indeed well-intentioned, they are not doing what we intend them to do largely due to the fact that a large percentage of the aid that we are trying to provide does not reach the people it is intended to reach. By the time that the aid has passed through the hands of administrative organizations as well as the Haitian government, a great deal of the aid has already been utilized. In addition, no matter how much aid we provide to Haiti, if it is not ...

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The solution discusses poverty through natural disasters or economic issues in countries such as Hati. The pros and cons of the way we give aid, or apply behavioral science principles is analyzed.

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