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    Environmental issues and development

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    Discuss the economic causes and consequences of environmental devastation and its impact on achieving sustainable growth and development.

    Identify and discuss potential solutions to the cycle of poverty and resource degradation.

    Please discuss in detail (at least 2 pages )

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    // This paper discusses about the 'Economic causes that led to the environmental devastation. The consequences of such environmental destruction and exploitation led to problems such as 'Global Warming' are studied as we move ahead in this paper. The impact of such devastation is also focused on. //

    Economic Growth & Environmental Devastation

    The relationship between human being and the earth started since the birth of man. This relationship formed a culture for further generations also. Initially, humans used to depend on nature or earth for its all needs such as food, shelter, etc. And the earth have been fulfilling all kind of needs of them (Borucke, 2000). Afterwards, humans started to believe that they have a complete control on the earth and all of its resources.

    As the time passed, the needs and necessities of humans increased and they started to use a major part of environmental resources for its economic development. With the help of natural resources such as water, land, wood, minerals, etc, they achieved new heights of economic development. They developed industries, residential colonies, vehicles and all the things of physical ease and convenience. Later, the use of resources converted into an unmanaged and unsystematic exploitation. Men exploited almost all the resources to the maximum level and this resulted into environmental devastation.

    There are many economic reasons for which men exploited the environment. ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 859 words with references.