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    Our Environment: The Role of Schools

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    What is the role of education in changing individual values, attitudes, and practices toward a healthier global environment?

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    This is a great assignment - in the face of our rapidly growing human population and the demand to equalize development across the globe, many would argue that the key to a "healthier global environment" lies in sustainable development. In the words of David Orr: 'The crisis we face is first and foremost one of the mind, perceptions, and values; hence, it is a challenge to those institutions presuming to shape minds, perceptions, and values' (http://www.naturaledgeproject.net/NAON_ch22.aspx). It is clear to many that education has the foremost role in achieving environmental awareness.

    It is through education that we can develop the skills and values associated with sustainable development and also develop informed public participation in decision making. There are guidelines set out for environmental educators by the North American Association for Environmental Education; these provide some of the values it is thought that environmental educators should follow and help to outline the role that education in general can play in changing environmental ...

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