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    Kant and Locke on Nature/Nurture

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    Please give a clearly presented comparison of the views of John Locke and Immanuel Kant on the role of nature versus nurture in knowledge acquisition that contains rich detail and is discerning, along with research (at least two) from scholarly, and original sources.

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    Locke's view of nature vs. nurture debate
    i) Locke disagreed to naturalism. His perspective was that man's nature, thoughts and ideas was acquired through learning and experience and that nature played no part in who they are. Our minds and personalities are blank slates when we were born. Our life circumstance, education, experience shape our minds and character. The external experiences, object that our perceived by our minds helps us form ideas.
    ii) Therefore, education from birth is crucial according to Locke. Parents are to observe and stimulate the child's mind from birth. He believed the role of parenting was very important and parents help shape the child's mind and character. He believed that children can become cruel beings with good guidance from the parents.
    iii) curiosity in children are to be cherished as this is where parents can mold and nurture this curiosity to help the child develop a great mind and good character.
    iv) love of liberty is also a cherished nature tendency in children which should be cherished. Locke felt that this love for liberty gives them freedom to explore and be inquisitive. This furthers life experiences that shape mind and character.

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